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Just a quick post today to let you know that I’m not dead, haven’t lost interest in Better Call Saul, and will be live-streaming Project: ALF.


…so, anyway. No, I didn’t die or experience anything sad or tragic. I’ve been pretty busy, though, and my time has been limited by a few other projects and commitments. That’s why things are pretty quiet overall. Since we’re so close to the end, though, I figured I’d devote the time I do have to plowing through the remainder of ALF. That’s my priority, if only so I never have to watch the fucking thing again.

The Better Call Saul reviews will continue at some point fairly soon. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t even had time to watch the show, so when I do pick the reviews back up they won’t be tempered by knowledge of what’s to come. In fact, you’ll be able to read them and see me as more of a dope than ever because you already know things pan out completely differently than I’m predicting. Go you! Thanks for your patience on those, by the way. I feel bad, because the show deserves attention that I just can’t give it right now. This will be rectified.

And, finally, the live stream of Project: ALF will happen after the season four bonus posts…which means it’ll be pretty soon. (The actual, written review of that film will post afterward.) Details to come, but get ready.

That will be the big finale to the ALF Reviews, so I hope you can join us for the stream. There will be live text chat, so you can make fun of it or make fun of me as you see fit.

In addition to Project: ALF I’ll stream a handful of episodes, just to warm up the crowd and give folks time to settle in. So, if you have any suggestions for what episodes to include, let me know! The sooner the better, because I’m going to edit this thing as far in advance as possible.

Thanks for sticking around. This site’s biggest project ever (past and future) is almost at an end. Thanks for giving me a reason to keep going.

And, seriously, suggest some ALF episodes you want to see in the stream. Because otherwise I’m just going to loop “You’re the One That’s Out of This World” for four hours.

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  1. Also, forgot to mention Fiction Into Film. It’s coming back for sure, but I’ve decided to do it post-ALF. It’s a lot of work to do them, and I need the breathing room if I want to do them properly.

    Some great installments to come, and, as always, I’m open to suggestions!

  2. Baby, when I met you
    There was peace unknown
    I set out to get you
    With a fine tooth comb
    I was soft inside
    There was something going on

    You do something to me
    That I can’t explain
    Hold me closer and I feel no pain
    Every beat of my heart
    We got something going on
    Tender love is blind
    It requires a dedication
    All this love we feel
    Needs no conversation
    We can ride it together: ALF
    Making love with each other: ALF

    ALF is in the stream.

    And you get the idea with that.

  3. I would, personally, like to see a “This is as good as it gets, people” set. The best episodes. I know a lot of folks will be clamouring to see Alf giving Lynn a facial, or dicking around with old people, but the giant cockroah episode, for example, was a rare episode that did things right (well, as right as it ever did), and while ending on a “Look at how shitty this show is” retrospective would make for some good – and let’s face it, cheap – laughs, maybe we could all get together and see the show in as concentrated a form as possible, with it really living up to its premise. That’s just me, though. So while I can’t remember names of episodes, the Cockroach one. Maybe the ventriliquest dummy-as-Paul Fusco one. Night Train. The one that ends with Alf’s glimpse of another melmacian in the car? Lynn’s college ambitions being crushed? I dunno. But more good than bad. Especially since the “bad” will come in the form of Project ALF anyway.

    1. I would add to that–maybe also the one episode that the most people disagreed with you about how “bad” it was? Just so we can all see for ourselves?

      1. Yeah, cos fuck knows I haven’t been WATCHING this damned awful show. I’ve got better things to do than watch some shitty pile of crap from the 80’s.

        Ooooh. Sorry Phil.

        Sorry Casey.

        Sorry Sarah.

        I’ll see myself out.

  4. can’t wait for the project ALF live stream!
    yeah, i also agree you should show the best episodes of ALF, just show people this show was not all that bad once you get into it.
    i also suggest episodes like “night train, “la cucaracha”and “i’m your puppet.” among any other episodes you thought where best.

  5. Seems like most folks are leaning toward seeing the relatively good episodes of ALF rather than the worst of the worst. See? We’re not a group of negative assholes after all!

    Keep any votes and suggestions coming. (Folks have reached out through Facebook as well, which is a valid method of contact. Just make sure you get in touch one way or the other.) I think a playlist is slowly shaping up in my mind, and I’m pretty excited!

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