Announcing: Trilogy of Terror VI

What a fuckin’ year, eh? Let’s celebrate Halloween with three visions of the end of the world: George A. Romero’s First Dead Trilogy.

This is your notice to watch the films if you haven’t already, though I suspect most of you will have already seen at least two of them. Watch all of them. Not only will I be spoiling everything, but they’re fantastic, and if you disagree you are incorrect. I’ll even prove it!

Trilogy of Terror VI will consist of longform analyses of the following films:

Night of the Living Dead (1968) – coming Oct. 17
Dawn of the Dead (1978) – coming Oct. 24
Day of the Dead (1985) – coming Oct. 31

All three films are available in their entirety, for free, on YouTube.

I’ll see you soon. I have more to say but frankly I’ve managed to impress myself that I have the energy to do a Trilogy of Terror this year at all.

Please do tune in. I’d love to hear your thoughts on all three. And, hey, if it goes well, maybe I’ll do Romero’s Second Dead Trilogy as well.

At some point.

If I really start to hate myself.

Out now: Resident Evil by Philip J Reed

My book on Resident Evil is officially out. Pick up your copy right here through Boss Fight Books.

Take 15% off your entire order for the rest of August by entering the discount code EVIL15 at checkout. If you’ve been thinking of picking up any Boss Fight Books releases — mine or anyone else’s — now is the time!

You can also order through Amazon and Google Play, though only in digital formats for the time being.

Boss Fight Books is the way to go, especially with the discount code. I hope you enjoy, and thank you — all of you — for your incredible support.

If you’re still not sure if you should buy it, here are some people who say you should.

After 24 years, new knowledge and perspective is a gift for fans. And, that is exactly the gift Philip J. Reed offers his readers. Score: 4.5/5
Horror Geek Life

Refreshing for its candor and reassuring in that someday soon video game writing is going to go in some very unique and interesting directions.
Obtain Potion

The work put in by Reed gives the actors involved in the game a chance to finally tell their story and answer a lot of questions that have floated around for years.
That Jersey Gamer

A rewarding read that will leave you’ll with a greater understanding and appreciation of this schlocky survival horror classic.
Game Spew

Even the more die-hard Resident Evil fans are going to find a fair amount of information they didn’t know about the game here. Score: 5/5
MMO Fallout

A reflection on the shared experiences and unique journeys of all of us players who came from so many different backgrounds to fall in love with one horror game in the ’90s.
Dead Entertainment

The book is a love letter to the genre in general […]. It’s an extremely entertaining look at all aspects of horror, as well as an unexpectedly touching story of growing up in a small town with only movies and games to occupy one’s time. Score: 4.5/5
Geek To Geek Media

Thanks for tuning in!

Many thanks to everyone who was able to tune in to the Monster Bash! Hopefully everything went well, because Discord might be an actual streaming solution moving forward. Getting the episodes together for this one was a lot of fun, and I got to share a few shows that I wasn’t able to show an Xmas Bash! Also, I found more than enough content to justify another one of these if there’s any interest. At some point. Maybe.

For now, though, here are the spoo-ooky episodes we enjoyed:

  • ALF, “I’ve Got a New Attitude”
  • Laverne & Shirley, “Haunted House”
  • The Cosby Show, “Cliff’s Nightmare”
  • Barney Miller, “Werewolf”
  • Perfect Strangers, “Fright Night”
  • Small Wonder, “The Lawsonville Horror”
  • Night Court, “Come Back to the Five and Dime, Stephen King, Stephen King”

And here are the contents of the spoo-ooky ju-ukebox:

  • Phish, “Ghost”
  • Hot Chip, “Spell” (Superorganism remix)
  • Cliff Richard, “Devil Woman”
  • Jen Terri, “Get Down Goblin”
  • Violent Femmes, “Nightmares”
  • Harry Nilsson, “Are You Sleeping?”
  • Phish, “Wolfman’s Brother”
  • Grateful Dead, “Dire Wolf”
  • Carman, “No Monsters”
  • PPF, “Life is Beautiful”
  • Oasis, “She’s Electric”
  • Porter Robinson, “Sad Machine” (Snail’s House remix)
  • Brian Eno, “Dead Finks Don’t Talk”
  • Phish, “Frankenstein”

And if you want to buy a copy of my book, I won’t stop you. Thank you for being there, and I hope you enjoyed.

Monster Bash! Saturday! How to join!

Don’t forget; I am hosting a virtual book launch Saturday, August 22 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time to celebrate the release of my book on Resident Evil. I have no idea what time that is where you live, but you can go here and enter your time zone in the “to” field to find out! So go do that first.

Once you know WHEN THE THING IS, you’ll want to know how to join in the fun.

First, let me tell you what the fun involves!

  • Seven spoo-ooky episodes of rightly forgotten TV shows!
  • Vintage commercials for spoo-ooky things!
  • Songs about spoo-ooky topics!
  • Readings from my boo-ook about a spoo-ooky game!
  • Other spoo-ooky things!
  • Live chat which will probably be more rude than spoo-ooky but YOU NEVER KNOW

It’s basically an Xmas Bash! and it makes up for the fact that I didn’t have one last year. So there. We’re even. Come and shut up.

Anyway! We will be streaming through Discord this time, which seems like it will be easy to use. I can’t wait to learn how wrong I am.

Here’s what you will need to do in order to join:

Step 1: Create a Discord account. Visit Discord and create an account. (If you have one already CONGRATULATIONS.) You may also want to download the client (it’s free), or you can use the browser version. Your call, but make sure you create an account. You can upload avatars and all that junk, too. I don’t care. Basically, though, make sure you take care of all that stuff ahead of time, because it’s the time-consuming part and there is NOT MUCH TIME LEFT TO CONSUME.

Step 2: Visit The Bash House. You’ll want to visit and probably bookmark The Bash House, which is where we will host The Monster Bash! and, if it works, other Bash!es to come. This is where you will want to be when the Monster Bash! begins. Because…it’s where the Monster Bash! is.

Step 3: Join the text chat. On the left side of the screen you should see a Text Channel: General option. Click that and you’ll see the text chat. Feel free to type nonsense to make sure your account is working. That’s what we’ll be doing the night of the Bash! anyway.

Step 4: Connect to the video! Everything else you can do ahead of time. This step, however, you can’t do until the stream actually begins. First, look beneath the text channels and you will see Voice Channels: Bash Channel. Click on it to join. Make sure your microphone is muted.

You should see my name there with a red LIVE next to it. Hover over my name and a window will appear with the option to Watch Stream. Click that option.

The video will start playing. That’s all you need to do if you just want to watch the video, but if you want to participate in the chat (or even read the chat) you have a few more clicks to go. In the lower right of the video window, you should see an option to Pop Out. Click that.

The video should now be in a window you can move around and resize on its own. Stick it WHEREVER YOU WANT TO STICK IT and then click on Text Channel: General again. You’ll be able to participate in chat as the video plays.

And that’s it! Definitely get your account set up and test the chat ahead of time, so you can be ready when the Bash! begins. It will be THE SCARIEST THING POSSIBLE that could also have conceivably aired on TGIF.

Be there or be…dead, I don’t know, I’m not the Crypt Keeper.

I’ll see you at this Discord link on August 22 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern!

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