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The Lost Worlds of Power

The Lost Worlds of Power

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“Milon’s Secret Castle,” by R J Burgess
“The California Raisins: The Grape Escape,” by Samuel Clementine
“Bad Dudes,” by Ramona Donohue
“Double Dragon Warrior,” by Theodore Geise
“Monster Party,” by Tomm Hulett
“Marble Madness,” by James Lawless
“Yo! Noid,” by Jerod Mackert
“California Games,” by Matthew McKinley
“Battletoads,” by Philip J Reed
“Linus Spacehead’s Cosmic Crusade,” by J. Paul Roe
“Legendary Wings,” by Guy Vollen
“Renegade,” by Jeffrey Zoerner

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The Lost Worlds of Power is a fiction anthology in celebration of the original Worlds of Power series. This volume features 12 unique literary adaptations of classic (and maybe not so classic…) NES games, and will be available as a free eBook download in late Spring! Physical copies should also be available…details to come.

The excellent cover image comes from the excellent Sindi Johnson, and each story will be lovingly illustrated by the lovely illustrator Ron DelVillano.

These stories represent the best of the many (many) great submissions we received. Taken together, they form a very interesting cross-section of styles and approaches. From the dry to the insane, from the satirical to the respectful, from the self-aware to the utterly clueless.

You can read all of the past updates here.

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