Download: The Lost Worlds of Power

Almost exactly 12 months in the making, The Lost Worlds of Power is available right now for your downloading and reading pleasure.

The Lost Worlds of Power


Foreword by H. Z. Eleven
“Renegade,” by Jeff Zoerner
“Milon’s Secret Castle,” by R J Burgess
“Bad Dudes,” by Ramona Donohue
“Yo! Noid,” by Jerod Mackert
“Battletoads,” by Philip J Reed
“Monster Party,” by Tomm Hulett
“California Games,” by Matthew McKinley
“Legendary Wings,” by Guy Vollen
“Marble Madness,” by James Lawless
“Double Dragon Warrior,” by Theodore James Geise
“The California Raisins: The Grape Escape,” by Samuel Clementine
“Linus Spacehead’s Cosmic Crusade,” by J. Paul Roe

Download it here!

The Lost Worlds of Power is a fiction anthology in celebration of the original Worlds of Power series. This volume features 12 unique literary adaptations of classic (and maybe not so classic…) NES games, forming a very interesting cross-section of styles and approaches. From the dry to the insane, from the satirical to the respectful, from the self-aware to the utterly clueless.

Throughout this 700 page brain-melting adaptation fest, you’ll barbecue with the Bad Dudes, learn to speak Marble, help singing raisins stomp out racism, spend a day at the office with a giant toadman, enact vigilante justice against The Noid, and much, much more. (Like, way more. Whatever you’re thinking…it’s more.)

The excellent cover image comes from the excellent Mishi Hime, and each story will be lovingly illustrated by the lovely illustrator Ron DelVillano. Collected and edited by Philip J Reed and James Lawless, with eBook preparation by Thomas Whitehead.

Also, by way of apology for missing the original Halloween deadline, for one week you can download Volume 0, which was previously a Groupees exclusive. Grab it now. In one week, the link below will be gone.

The Lost Worlds of Power:  Groupees Edition


Foreword by H. Z. Eleven
“Mario is Missing!” by R J Burgess
“Balloon Fight,” by Lucas Hale
“Ring King,” by Robert Holt
“Kirby’s Adventure,” by Chris Gomez
“Tetris,” by Philip J Reed

Post mortem and more to come. But for now, I eat turkey.

11 thoughts on “Download: The Lost Worlds of Power”

  1. Thank you all for all the effort on these! I look forward to endulging tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  2. I LOVE how awesomely bad the original World of Power books were (Probably because I discovered them as an adult and was better prepared for how stupid they are) and I cannot wait to read these new stories. I sincerely thank you, all the authors, and everyone who contributed into making The Lost Worlds of Power a reality.

  3. Hello, Phil, it’s Jeff. I’m several chapters into “Battletoads,” and I must say, I’m laughing my ass off. The narrative is genius… comparative to Nabakov, only a funny Nabakov. And yes, I’ll admit, I’ve been drinking, but this is pure delight to read.

    I was going to throw in a comment how yous should do more creative writing and less ALF, but what the fuck do I know? I’m sure there’s a method to your madness.

    In any event, great job. Excuse me, I must read on…

  4. Wow…I fell behind! Time to start promoting this bad mofo. Just in time, too. I needed a new indie book to review on my site (now that I might have some spare moments.)


  5. Is the first download link meant to be broken, or where am I supposed to get this now?

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