Beginning in 2019, I had the distinct honor of writing for TripleJump, a channel founded by Peter Austin and Ben Potter. Peter and Ben are two of the funniest people I know, and their show Worst Games Ever is very likely my favorite thing on the internet.

So, subscribe to them. They’re great. And here on this page, I’ll list all of the videos I’ve written for them. As of right now, Worst to Best is the only series I’ve written for, but there is another one we’re concepting that I think will be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned.

Worst to Best

June 3, 2019: Every E3
August 8, 2019: Every Batman Video Game
September 10, 2019: Every PlayStation Franchise
October 3, 2019: Every Sega Mega Drive Mini Game
October 29, 2019: Every Playable Resident Evil Character
January 1, 2020: Every Video Game Console
February 27, 2020: Every Spider-Man Video Game
April 1, 2020: Every Virtual Boy Game
May 6, 2020: Every Simpsons Game
June 3, 2020: Every Fallout Companion
September 12, 2020: Every Nintendo Franchise
October 12, 2020: Every Video Game Movie