It's a-me.Noiseless Chatter is the blog of Philip J Reed, who will now start writing in the first person.

I am a thirty-something* book-loving social marketing professional, who also dabbles in writing, video games, and Ping-Pong. I live in Colorado. There are bears here.

As the site grows you can expect to find personal entries, reviews, and essays about all manner of entertainment. Except for painting, because I know nothing about that.  You can write about painting yourself on your own blog. Leave me alone.

I’ll also probably be posting advice about things that you shouldn’t follow, because I’ve gotten nowhere.

In the meantime you can find me on Facebook, the page’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or email me by clicking here.

This is the site’s mascot, Mr. Fabiola. He has a long and hilarious fictional history that I won’t share with you here because I simply can’t do it justice. Rest assured though it’s a hoot. Like, this one time, he’s from space, right? So he doesn’t know much about Earth customs, and someone invited him to dinner and said some benign things that Mr. Fabiola misunderstood in a comical way. I guess you had to be there.

Why “Noiseless Chatter?”

It was available as a .com. Also it hearkens back to my days of writing for Noise to Signal, which was a great — if short-lived — experiment in communal pop-culture free for all. Needless to say, it imploded. It was also a blast.

Right now though, it’s meant to reflect a certain approach…an amount of chatter without “noise,” or filler. Something worth reading, rather than irritating whiny nonsense. (ie: my previous blogs.) It’s a quiet place to babble on, in the hopes that we will eventually stumble upon something worth saying.

And, once again, it was available as a .com.

Comment Policy

My plan is to not police the comments at all, though I reserve the right to do so if I find it necessary. For instance, divulging somebody’s personal contact information (even your own) is probably not going to be welcome, and anything overtly spammy or trollish will probably go, too. (The former more easily than the latter, so long as the trolling isn’t particularly abusive to other commenters.)

The sites I respect most have a fairly open comment policy and allow threads to police themselves. I’d like to maintain a similar atmosphere here, but, again, that is subject to change the moment I feel something needs to go. If you think I deleted (or edited, though I’m far more likely to delete) a comment of yours unfairly, please contact me and I’ll be happy to hear you out.

Also, I have a bit of a hyperactive Spam filter. It doesn’t happen often, but every so often a legitimate comment will get stuck in it. If your comment doesn’t display, get in touch and I’ll push it through manually.

* The vagueness is so I won’t have to update this for a while.  I’ve thought of everything.

13 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hey Nick. I did finally get your email…it looks like it was something on Yahoo’s end after all…I haven’t had any difficulty getting other mail at Gmail, to my knowledge.

      Of course if anyone does have issues reaching me, take a page from Nick’s book and post here. I’ll get in touch!

  1. I can’t believe that I have discovered your blog just today ! What a so great surprise to me ! of course I don’t understand (yet) all you are writing on your blog, but I am very interested in it. I’m jealous (a little) of your point of vue and your spirit but very impressed. (sorry my dictionary is downstairs and I am upstairs). So, what is the real matter of that post ? 2 years ago I began text in order to create a blog on Alf, and 1 week ago I created my blog. The presentation is different of course but don’t be surprise if I put a link towards your blog, for people who read and understand English. In France we haven’t nothing interesting about alf, whenever every body loves him !!!
    Just ” toutes mes félicitations pour ce blog très très pointu : vous êtes un véritable ethnologue, analyste et sociologue. Excellent travail ! Bravo, bravissimo.
    I continue my discover (?) of your blog .

    1. Hi Lavalliere! Thanks for your kind words. I clicked through to your blog but wasn’t able to read much of it. I’ll still keep an eye on it, though, because I look forward to seeing the kinds of thing you’ll post.

      I did not contact anybody about using screengrabs. They should be covered under Fair Use for the purposes of review / commentary / illustration. Depending how you use yours, they’d pretty likely be covered as well. :)

      1. Thank you for your answer ; I thing i’ll do like (as) you and will specify that the use of pictures is just for illustration. Very good information.
        I’m sorry that your blog is not translated but who knows, ? Mine in in french and I don’t know yet if it will be readen a lot, but the point de vue is that of a real groupie, fan, etc…
        have a good day in america. and thanks for have looked my blog which is in construction.
        So I continue my lecture. Great great humor, I am overjoy since 2 days! ! I love internet

  2. Sorry I forgot the most important : did you ask some permissions to somedy for using images and photographies of the series ? I can’t find any contact.
    thank you

  3. Wrong, sucker. We knew we would never make a dime from the actual show (why else would we cast Max Wright?)

    The plan was to make the most awful show ever conceived and then wait thirty years for someone to use unlicensed screen grabs to make fun of it. We will now fall upon you with our immense legal resources and take you for everything you have, thereby fully recovering the $35 cost of running the show for four seasons and netting a substantial profit.

    Evil laugh.

    1. I have no idea who left this comment, but I’m convinced you’re my best friend.

  4. I first fell in love with your shit years ago when you did the Save-State Gamer. As fate would have it, I wound up in Colorado for college. Want to get a drink sometime?

    1. Sure, what the hell! I’ll never turn down an excuse to make it out to the video game bar. Shoot me an email.

  5. Hey Philip, hope all is well. I would love for you to be a guest on my podcast. I had Reyon Ali on and he had an awesome time. I’m sure he can vouch for me. I’ve also had video game personalities, pro wrestlers, multi platinum recording artists, actors, stand up comedians and more! Hit me up if you are at all interested. Thanks for your time and hopefully we get to talk soon! ✌

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