Autographed copies of Resident Evil available

Next month will be the first anniversary of my Resident Evil book’s publication date. About a year ago as I write this, copies were being sent to various outlets and their reviews started going live. It was an exciting time. It still is, to be honest. It feels like forever ago and it feels like yesterday.

One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while and…haven’t gotten around to doing is making some autographed copies available for anyone interested. What better time to do so? Other than a few months ago maybe?

Anyway, I have now set aside 50 copies of Resident Evil. I will sign and number them as they are ordered, and I will remove ordering information from this post once they are all gone. Each one comes with a bookmark that was previously only available to backers of the Boss Fight Books pre-order campaign. I had a few left over, so I figured, what the hell.

The cost is $20, which is about the cost of a new copy plus shipping. If you would prefer to order directly through Boss Fight Books for any reason, by all means do so! But they will not be autographed or include the bookmark.

This offer is only available to U.S. residents, unfortunately. If you live in another country and are interested, email me first and I will figure out the cost.

To purchase:
If you’d like a numbered, autographed copy of Resident Evil with a limited-edition bookmark, send $20 USD via PayPal to reed.philipj [at] In the notes section, include your shipping address and the name you’d like me to make it out to.

And that’s it. Books will be shipped within three days. Probably much quicker, to be honest, but hey, just in case: three days.

That’s all for now. Thank you, all of you, for your support.

Well, okay, one more thing:

Stay tuned!

Out now: Resident Evil by Philip J Reed

My book on Resident Evil is officially out. Pick up your copy right here through Boss Fight Books.

Take 15% off your entire order for the rest of August by entering the discount code EVIL15 at checkout. If you’ve been thinking of picking up any Boss Fight Books releases — mine or anyone else’s — now is the time!

You can also order through Amazon and Google Play, though only in digital formats for the time being.

Boss Fight Books is the way to go, especially with the discount code. I hope you enjoy, and thank you — all of you — for your incredible support.

If you’re still not sure if you should buy it, here are some people who say you should.

After 24 years, new knowledge and perspective is a gift for fans. And, that is exactly the gift Philip J. Reed offers his readers. Score: 4.5/5
Horror Geek Life

Refreshing for its candor and reassuring in that someday soon video game writing is going to go in some very unique and interesting directions.
Obtain Potion

The work put in by Reed gives the actors involved in the game a chance to finally tell their story and answer a lot of questions that have floated around for years.
That Jersey Gamer

A rewarding read that will leave you’ll with a greater understanding and appreciation of this schlocky survival horror classic.
Game Spew

Even the more die-hard Resident Evil fans are going to find a fair amount of information they didn’t know about the game here. Score: 5/5
MMO Fallout

A reflection on the shared experiences and unique journeys of all of us players who came from so many different backgrounds to fall in love with one horror game in the ’90s.
Dead Entertainment

The book is a love letter to the genre in general […]. It’s an extremely entertaining look at all aspects of horror, as well as an unexpectedly touching story of growing up in a small town with only movies and games to occupy one’s time. Score: 4.5/5
Geek To Geek Media

Announcing: The First-Ever Noiseless Chatter Monster Bash! (And lots more!)

I tell you, you wait all day for a bus, and then like 10 of them show up at once. And they’re ALL GREAT BUSES. Whatever; point is, I have a lot of things to announce.

The First-Ever Noiseless Chatter Monster Bash!
I will be hosting a livestream at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Aug. 22 to celebrate the launch of my book on Resident Evil! It’s not mandatory to sign up through Facebook, but you can view the event and register here. Irritatingly, Facebook doesn’t seem to autocalculate timezones anymore, probably because someone found the feature useful.

So, again, that’s 6 p.m. Mountain time / 8 p.m. Eastern time on Aug. 22. If you’re not in one of those timezones, make sure you use exactly the same technology Facebook is no longer using to figure out when you need to be there.

This is the First-Ever Noiseless Chatter Monster Bash! If you recall, last year was the first year we missed out on an Xmas Bash! This, I hope, will make up for it, and it will share a similar format. Live chat, terrible sitcoms, music, weird crap you’ll wish I never made you watch…you know, all the classics!

As always, the streamed content will be 100% family-friendly. The chat likely will not be. The only major difference is that the terrible episodes of the terrible old TV shows will be monster-themed, instead of…tidings of comfort and joy-themed? I don’t know. I just streamed those Xmas episodes; I didn’t pay attention to them.

The logistics of this thing actually happening are the work of friend-of-the-website Matthew Wong. Truly great and talented guy. Hey, did you know his videos about Resident Evil (specifically this one and this one) put the game back on my radar and gave me the impetus to write the book in the first place? You should watch them. He’s pretty great. Also, he said if you buy enough copies to put my book on the New York Times best seller list, he’ll resurrect Shrektember. Let’s all ruin his life.

Anyway, help me celebrate the release of the book by torturing yourself with bad TV, won’t you?

The book is on Amazon!
This is pretty cool: The book’s listing went live on Amazon today. It’s only the Kindle version for now, but I’ve been told the URL will be the same when the paperback version is added. Check it out, and add a review if you’ve read it!

As I write this, UPLINK is a mere nine days away. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, do so. It takes place August 8 and 9, and you can view the entire schedule here. There’s lots and lots of great stuff on that schedule, from all around the world, so don’t miss it.

I’ve said all that before, right? Well, yes, but now I’ll say more!

My “Anatomy of a Scream” panel has been moved to the main stage (because I am famous now) and will take place Aug. 8 at 4 p.m. Eastern. Tune in for a thorough breakdown of Resident Evil‘s best and most effective moments…and probably some pretty bad ones, too, for the fun of it. We’ll learn together exactly how the game structures its scares, with loads of examples and analyses.

And then…the big reveal…at 9 p.m. Eastern, also Aug. 8, I will host “All Things Inti Creates,” in which I will interview the company behind such great games as Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, the Mega Man Zero series, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Blaster Master Zero, and much more than I can possibly list.

Inti Creates is easily one of my favorite developers working today, especially as someone whose heart sits firmly in the retro camp when it comes to gaming. Nobody else manages to strike the balance between retro sensibilities and modern expectations as perfectly as they do, and I could not be more honored to speak directly with them, live, about their incredible work and development history.

Big things are afoot. I thank all of you for your patience and support, especially during this past year.

Let me thank you personally at UPLINK and The Monster Bash!

Join me for “Anatomy of a Scream,” Aug. 8, 4 pm Eastern

Alright, I can now announce the details!

“Anatomy of a Scream”
With Resident Evil author Philip J Reed
Sat, August 8, 2020, 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)

What it is

Join me as we take a walk through the Spencer Mansion — and mmmaybe a bit beyond — to dissect some of Resident Evil‘s strongest scares. We’ll discuss how and why the game’s most memorable moments work so well, and why 25+ years later I can say things like “that ceiling” and “that hallway” and you know precisely what I mean.

I’ll be taking you live through some of these scenes, showing you how Capcom so expertly got under your skin. (Your itchy, tasty skin.) We’ll discuss both the game’s most inspired artistic decisions and the ways in which the weaknesses of its design — and probably unintentionally — work to its advantage.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. And the best part? I’m taking requests! Let me know what your standout Resident Evil moments are, and I promise to take all of the fun out of them for you.

A bit of background

When I was writing Resident Evil, there was a chapter we ended up scrapping in which I looked at three specific, memorable scares in the game, deconstructing each to determine exactly how and why they worked so well. Much of that material is still in the book, albeit presented differently. Essentially, I was trying to discuss how things were presented visually…without using visuals. It wasn’t something I was able to execute well enough for it to remain, and so we pulled the chapter. (This, to be clear, was the correct decision.)

Now, however, I have the opportunity to present that material and more in a panel presentation. I can walk through these moments frame by frame, if need be, performing a live autopsy on some of Resident Evil‘s most effective moments.

Fair warning that the imagery may be a bit disturbing. Granted, it will be PlayStation 1-era imagery, but I’m just putting that out there. Also, I might go “boo!” every so often to make sure you’re paying attention. JOIN ME IF YOU DARE

How to watch

I want to be perfectly clear about this: This is a live event! If you miss it…well, you’ve missed it. So don’t miss it!

For $10, you’ll get live access to the entirety of Uplink, featuring an incredible lineup of entertainers, developers, critics, comedians, writers, AND ALSO ME. “Anatomy of a Scream” is just one of the things I’ll be involved in, but…I’ll share more about that later.

We’re less than three weeks out. If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, be sure to do so.


When: August 8-9
Where: Online!
Tickets: Available now

Uplink Update: Join me (and TripleJump) Aug. 8-9!

As I’ve mentioned, I will be a guest at the virtual gaming convention Uplink this year. I can also share a bit more information…but mainly I’m reminding you that this is exactly one month away!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, do so! It’s only $10 for an entire weekend of great, live programming, and if you take a look at the guest list you’ll see that there’s a lot of excellent stuff in store.

Such as…well…

Yes, TripleJump, the best boys of YouTube will be there as well! What’s more, they will be doing a live episode of Worst Games Ever, which is, without exaggeration, the best and funniest show on all of YouTube.

I’ve said that before, so let me take a moment to do the impossible and try to narrow it down to my favorite 10 episodes, in chronological order, just so diving in won’t be so daunting:
Rogue Warrior
London Racer
Smarties: Meltdown
3D Pets Volume 1
Hulk Hogan’s Main Event
Agent Hugo
Knight Rider
Shadow the Hedgehog
Robin Hood’s Quest

Anyway, I’ll move on so I don’t spend the rest of my life agonizing over that list.

Point is, they’ll be at Uplink, and that’s worth the price of admission on its own.

What will I be doing there? I think I can at least reveal that I will be discussing a few things that I couldn’t quite cover in my Resident Evil book. Perhaps even things that were discussed in a chapter I ended up deleting…

See, it’s difficult to discuss certain things in text that would better be expressed visually. Without question I think the book came out great, but without visual aids, there were a few topics I simply couldn’t do justice to.

At Uplink, I’ll be doing justice to them. I’ll personally walk you through something you won’t get in the book, and I know it’s something you will enjoy.

I’ll divulge more information as the event approaches and I get a few details finalized.

And speaking of finalizing details…will there be any collaborations? Well, lots of folks will be at the event, so for now I’ll just say, “stay tuned.”

So, seriously, pick up a ticket. Set the weekend aside. It’s going to be a truly great time. You’ll be supporting me, you’ll get some exclusive content, you’ll see great panels, you’ll watch Worst Games Ever unfold as it happens…and you can do it all in your underpants.

I hope to see you there.


When: August 8-9
Where: Online!
Tickets: Available now

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