2 thoughts on “Your Friday Musical Interlude”

  1. If people kind of like this music but it doesn’t quite do it for them, I recommend David Bowie’s album “Low” that he did in collaboration with Brian Eno. It’s sort of the best of Eno and the best of Bowie blended into one… a real treat, in my opinion.

    I would be great if a prime Eno could have transported his creativity into the 21st century, when he could have run amok with the technology that exists today. I have devoted countless hours of my life in a failed attempt to match his creativity at creating ambient music.

    1. Low is indeed great. I only recently learned that Eno worked with him on “Heroes” and Lodger as well, so I picked those up and they’re also pretty awesome. But man, you’re right…nothing beats Low.

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