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Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul, "Mijo"

Every episode of Better Call Saul reviewed, analyzed, and morally fretted over. Whether or not it lives up to Breaking Bad is academic. The important thing is that it’s every bit as worthy of discussion.

Season One

Episode 1: Uno
Episode 2: Mijo
Episode 3: Nacho
Episode 4: Hero
Episode 5: Alpine Shepherd Boy
Episode 6: Five-O
Episode 7: Bingo
Episode 8: RICO
Episode 9: Pimento
Episode 10: Marco

Season Two

Episode 1: Switch
Episode 2: Cobbler
Episode 3: Amarillo
Episode 4: Gloves Off
Episode 5: Rebecca
Episode 6: Bali Ha’i
Episode 7: Inflatable
Episode 8: Fifi
Episode 9: Nailed
Episode 10: Klick