The Lost Worlds of Power: Volume 0

The Lost Worlds of Power:  Groupees Edition


“Mario is Missing!” by R J Burgess
“Balloon Fight,” by Lucas Hale
“Ring King,” by Robert Holt
“Kirby’s Adventure,” by Chris Gomez
“Tetris,” by Philip J Reed

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The Lost Worlds of Power: Volume 0 is neither a prequel nor sequel to The Lost Worlds of Power. It’s a companion piece, consisting of stories that were nearly included in the main volume, but ended up not making it in for one reason or another.

It’s also a Groupees exclusive, which means that once the bundle is gone, so is the book. Forever. So pick it up, because not only do you get Volume 0 — containing five unique stories, Mishi Hime’s gorgeous cover art, and loving illustrations by lovable illustrator Ron DelVillano — but you’ll get some other great stuff from the other bundle contributors, with all proceeds benefiting Edward “JuJu” Sutton, Jr. Edward, three years old, fell out of a window last month and is in desperate need of medical help. Not one dime goes to myself or the authors of these stories; all of it goes to Edward. Thank you in advance for helping him. Every dollar makes a difference.

Regarding the stories here, James Lawless (co-editor) and I (co-co-editor) had a lot of difficulty selecting the stories that would be included in The Lost Worlds of Power. Not all of our decisions came down to quality. Sometimes it came down to approach. If two stories seemed to be reaching for similar effects, we only wanted to include one of them, for the sake of variety. In other cases, stories of shorter length just felt a bit out of place next to the much longer ones that we found ourselves most compelled to include.

Volume 0, then, was a pleasantly surprising opportunity in so many ways. A few stories we liked but didn’t end up choosing fit perfectly in this slimmer collection. It took on a whole personality of its own. And I’ve personally contributed a brand new story to cap it off, which I hope you enjoy as much as I hated writing it.

Remember, Volume 0 is available for a limited time only. Grab it while you can. It’s for a good cause. And you just might get a few laughs along the way.

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The Lost Worlds of Power: Volume 0, edited by Philip J Reed and James Lawless. Cover art by Mishi Hime. Story illustrations by Ron DelVillano. eBook formatting by Thomas Whitehead. 127 pages, available in .pdf, .epub and .mobi formats.

10 thoughts on “The Lost Worlds of Power: Volume 0”

    1. Huh. Good question.

      I guess it’s for people who want the bundle, but for some reason don’t want to donate to the charity?

      That’s probably an option more people take advantage of when it’s a divisive subject (planned parenthood, gay rights, stop shooting people all the time, etc.)…I don’t know why anybody would actively refuse to have the money they spend go to a toddler’s medical bills.

  1. So, once you’ve paid for a bundle, how do you access it? Groupees is despair-inducingly short on instructions.

  2. *** Never mind! *** They e-mailed me a link with all my downloads. TOOK THEIR GODDAMN TIME ABOUT IT, I might say!

  3. Has anyone checked out any of the other things that come with this bundle? The Lost Worlds of Power was the only thing that I’ve downloaded so far, and I am wholly unfamiliar with the rest of the contents (of which there are a ton!). Any recommendations on where to start?

  4. Seeing as this is a Groupees exclusive, is there any chance of this showing up in another bundle at some point to appease those who missed it the first go around? I know it says limited time, but is that never available ever again kind of limited time or, like, the McRib kind of limited time?

    What I’m getting at is I really would love a chance at getting an ebook of this, but I stumbled across it several months too late.

    1. Hi! No promises, as I’d have to run it by the other authors, too, but I’d be willing to donate this to another Groupees bundle in the future. Stay tuned. Also, the full (free) Lost Worlds of Power volume, with 12 stories, will be available on Oct 31, so check back here for that!

      1. I eagerly await it’s release.

        I came across your site because I had recently rediscovered the Worlds of Power books and had considered a project similar to your own. I had even created a list of ten games to write stories about (all third party games, just like the original series). Similar to your Volume 0, I had a set of five short stories lined up as well, except these were to be based off of Gameboy games (Worlds of Power Minis). Unfortunately, between life, work, and my other writing projects, I just haven’t gotten around to working on those stories. Maybe some day…

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