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Announcing: The 4th Annual Noiseless Chatter Xmas Bash!!!!

October 10th, 2016 | Posted by Philip J Reed in xmas bash

The 4th Annual Xmas Bash!!!!

This year I wanted to announce the time and date for the Xmas Bash!!!! a bit earlier than usual.
As you can see in the image above (click it to appreciate the full glory of Casey Roberson), the 4th Annual Noiseless Chatter Xmas Bash!!!! will be…

Saturday, December 17
7:00 p.m. Eastern

This should hopefully give everybody plenty of time to request time off at work / break up with their fiances as necessary.

I’m working on the stream right now, and have been for the past few weeks. It’s going to be great. As always, you can expect…

  • Seven terrible Xmas specials
  • A mess of rightly forgotten Xmas songs
  • Vintage commercials
  • Magic by illusionist Wes Iseli
  • A brand new song by Adam Lore
  • Surprise guests
  • Live chat
  • …and lots more

It’s free to attend; all you have to do is come to at 7 p.m. on December 17. The stream itself is family friendly, so you can view it in your living room without horrifying grandma. Don’t let her see the chat room, though. That’s where the horrifying is guaranteed.

As always, the stream benefits The Trevor Project. Donations are not mandatory, but we will welcome them throughout the night.

If you don’t know about the Xmas Bash!!!! you can read about it here. But mainly we will be screening seven surprise Xmas specials from years past, riffing on them (and each other) in the live chat, and basically having the world’s greatest part for introverts.

It’s my favorite night of the year, and it keeps getting better. This stream will be no exception. It’s one night only, so tune in for five full hours of bad TV, great people, and hilarious commentary.

Check out the announcement trailer, which may jog your memories of Bashes past. And of course be sure to let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to see this year, or if any particular special/music video/other feature from the past sticks out in your mind.

I’ll see you there!

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