Reminder: Tune in to Uplink Saturday and Sunday!

This is your reminder to join me at Uplink — the virtual convention brought to you by Long Island Retro — this weekend. I will be hosting two panels on the main stage, and there are plenty of other reasons to join the fun. The entire schedule for the weekend is available here, so do check it out.

Both of my panels take place Saturday.

Anatomy of a Scream: Aug. 8, 4 p.m. Eastern
Join me for a trip through the Spencer Mansion and beyond as we look at how Resident Evil structures its scares. We’ll dissect some of the game’s most famous moments to learn how they work — and why they work — and take a few detours through the larger series as well. Live Q&A to follow.

All Things Inti Creates: Aug. 8, 9 p.m. Eastern
The team at Inti Creates will join me live from Japan for a chat about the company, its history, its games, and more. Inti Creates is responsible for the Mega Man Zero Series, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, Blaster Master Zero, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and too many other great titles to list.

Again, these are live events! If you miss them…well, I can’t imagine how despondent you’ll be, so let’s not even think about it!

Grab your tickets if you haven’t already ($10 gets you access to all events throughout the weekend), and I hope to see you there.


When: August 8-9
Where: Online!
Tickets: Available now