They’ve Rebadged It, You Fool

What, you thought the site was broken? No no. We were making some changes. INTENTIONAL CHANGES.

Actually, fuck it, I broke something and lost some stuff. All the content should still be here but my banner and logo vanished, so I made new ones.

Firstly meet the new logo, same as the old logo, at least in the sense that there are gridlines behind it because I didn’t want to register the creation software. It’s in the upper left of every page, in case you want to look at it that frequently.

Then the banner, which is a still from my second favorite film, North by Northwest. No real reason for cycling out the Air Man stage except that as long as I’m FUCKING EVERYTHING UP I might as well add something new.

That’s also why we have a handsome robot in the logo (and serving as the new favicon), replacing the old one that I couldn’t find anymore. Oh well, this one looks like Calculon so I’m not complaining.

I was going to hold a robot-naming contest but I’m not really feeling up to it so the first person who leaves a comment suggesting a name wins.

There are no prizes. Life will be much easier for you if you learn that now.

8 thoughts on “They’ve Rebadged It, You Fool”

  1. LOL, still no takers on the robot name. Usually I try to win everything, even… no, ESPECIALLY contests with no prizes. But this time I’m coming up with nothing.

    I’m tempted to come up with any old name–oh, I dunno, let’s say Mr. Fabiola–just to be a dick, because the first entrant automatically wins. But I’m not sure this guy looks like a Mr. Fabiola, and it probably would be wrong to saddle him with such a moniker.

    How about Googy-Fab?

  2. He does look awesomely like Calculon. Maybe an earlier model. Not as much range, but (judging by that smile) nicer to his fans.

  3. Glad the site is back, and yes, I know that I meant to have something for you around mid-October – work gets in the way. I would blame it on my broken ankle, but that would have given me even more reason to sit around watching Peep Show so negates the argument.

    Anyhow, glad you’re back. I was hoping to call the robot Johnson in hono(u)r of my missing post, but it seems the name has been taken. For shame.

    1. Ben, no worries, but I still want that post! I’ve been rewatching the previous seasons lately…I forget sometimes just how masterfully layered it is. Now I just need to decide on an episode to write a Spotlight about. Sure enough, it’d probably be Johnson’s first episode…

  4. Well how about I do that one for you instead? I think a spotlight on one particular episode will be a lot easier than a retrospective on 7 series (soon to be 8 as the new series starts over here on Sunday).

    I’d also like to do one on Alan Partridge, given the ‘They’ve Rebadged It You Fool’ comment – at a later date.

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