Update: Arrested Development and Venture Bros. reviews

Venture Bros. Season 5 Reviews

So I just realized that I wanted to review every episode of Arrested Development season four and The Venture Bros. season five.

And they’re back to back. Arrested Development is currently streaming (I’ve made it through around four episodes) and The Venture Bros. starts June 2, so I think there’s going to be some overlap.

What I’ll probably do is space out the Arrested Development ones for a while, since they’re not time sensitive and were dropped in one big lump on the viewing public, while The Venture Bros. is airing on a traditional weekly schedule. Who knows what I’ll get up to. What I thought would be a nice easy way to WRITE THINGS ON THE BLOG I OWN now actually feels really intimidating.

Is there either show you think I should prioritize? Or do you not care about anything I have to say ever?

7 thoughts on “Update: Arrested Development and Venture Bros. reviews”

  1. I’m excited to see your Arrested Development reviews but as I only just finished Season 1 the other day (I’ve inexplicably chosen this month to give the show a chance and discover I love it) I’ll probably hold off on reading what you have to say until I’m anywhere near following along.

    1. It shouldn’t take you too long to catch up…season three is pretty short, and the episodes are pretty uniformly great right up through the end. To paraphrase Kermit, I wish I was you seeing it for the first time.

  2. I feel, based on what I’ve seen so far, the new AD episodes aren’t really worth reviewing on their own. Personally, I would prefer a review of the entire season.

    1. I’d probably split the difference and do individual reviews that also look backward on what came before. I’ve only seen a few so far but I think they each (so far anyway) have their own isolated qualities and issues that might be worth reviewing in isolation. We’ll see though!

  3. Speaking personally, I’ve not seen any Venture Bros. at all, so I’m totally voting for Arrested Development, but whatever you feel is going to give you the best articles is probably the best place to start. I don’t think we/anyone needs reviews on EVERY episode of AD. Just do the ones you feel are in need of discussion maybe?

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