Here today.

Saying Goodbye

I’ve been gone for a while. In a few senses of that word.

Things change. Things end. Cities burn to the ground. Sometimes you look down afterward and find that the match was in your own hand. The comedy and the tragedy end the same way.

And, of course, my attention hasn’t been on this blog. I even forgot to schedule a Friday Musical Interlude for yesterday, meaning the first installment I’ve ever missed came right after “The Music Never Stopped.” Ha ha.

But I’m not done here. I apologize for the delay. More will come, and probably very soon. I’m thinking of reviewing all of the final Breaking Bad episodes if you’re interested…if only because this last batch has the potential to be pretty incredible, and it’ll be nice to chart the endgame of a show that’s glad to go out in its prime.


We’ll see.

I intend to finish my manuscript.

I intend to do a whole lotta work on a project I’ve yet to announce.

I intend to throw myself into my job.

I intend to get my shit together.

I intend, I intend, I intend.

I apologize.

A little patience. I have a lot I’d still like to say.

A little patience.

Anyway, just to end on a high note here, a very good friend of mine has released a game for iOS. It’s called Kid Tripp, and even if it stunk I’d be happy to promote it for him.

But it doesn’t stink. It’s actually really, really good. So good that I can’t stop playing it, even though I’m terrible at it.

It’s less than $1. If you could pick that up and support him — he’s got loads of great material in him to follow, and this one’s getting all manner of ace reviews — I know he’d appreciate it.

And I would too.

I’ll circle back around.

I promise.

Kid Tripp

13 thoughts on “Here today.”

  1. We’ll be here when you do circle back round. Well, I know i will be. And I’ll be looking forward to reading the manuscript, too.

    1. It means a lot, RL. Thank you. I look forward to reading the manuscript as well!

  2. I’m thinking of reviewing all of the final Breaking Bad if you’re interested…
    YES. If you have the time, of course. I’d be sad to see it at the expense of something more profitable. But otherwise, YES YES YES.
    I am so psyched for this shit. I know it’s immature of me, but when it comes to that show, TV runs my life.

    1. I’m pretty positive I’ll do it. Stay tuned. I finally caught up on the first half of season five and I am in sincere awe of just how perfect every episode manages to be. I’m not sure I know of any show that has been as consistently strong as this one, and while the last batch could botch things up totally, I’m sure they’d make for fascinating discussion no matter what.

    1. I think I would too. Consider it as good as done. I look forward to the discussion on these for sure!

        1. Raiko, “Breaking Bad” is an AWESOME show, but be forewarned, it is about as dark and negative as a program can be. In my case, it has drawn be back despite several resolutions to stop watching it.
          At the same time, I am SO excited that Phil is catching up to last season. The way they ended that season is without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever seen on television.
          As for you, there’s so much to catch up on, you’d probably do best to read synopses rather than to try to watch a zillion shows, although catching reruns from this season would probably do you good. That being said, I believe AMC is going to re-run EVERY episode in a marathon sometime soon.
          And there, I’ve managed to SCREAM-CAP in every paragraph.

        2. If I ever say anything that makes somebody pause Venture Bros., I know I’ve failed as a human being. :(

          Breaking Bad is pretty incredible, but honestly you’d have so much to catch up on before the 11th that, if I were you, I’d just get to the whole batch at some point in the future when you can. If you rush or read re-caps to get ready, I’d be afraid you’d just end up rushing and not really be able to savor it, which would probably rob you of a truly brilliant experience.

          Having said that…this blog will probably be rife with spoilers. So…careful now.

          1. I’ll keep making headway through Venture Bros then. But spoiler away. When I catch up it’d rather read your full scale thoughts, rather than anything tentative in order to maintain non-spoilerisms.

            I might have just made up that word, but I stand by it.

  3. I thought it was the worst pile of blubbery school-girl mush I’ve ever been compelled to endure.

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