Housekeeping – October 12, 2013

A few pieces of business.

– Noiseless Chatter has a Facebook page! You can go like it RIGHT HERE.

There are a few reasons for this. One is the cynical one, and I’ll get it out of the way right now: social media increases the actual value of and traffic to your website. So there.

However this also solves a pretty major problem I’ve had that I never bothered saying out loud: this site has developed into a sort of storehouse for my several-thousand-word musings. And I like that. But then when I post something small, like an obit. for Kumar Pallana or something, it seems out of place.

The Facebook page will allow me to make shorter posts over there, link to interesting things I’ve found, and probably just accumulate nonsensical bon mots.

What I’m trying to say is that if you use Facebook, you may want to follow that page even if you’re in the habit of coming here. That’s where I can post things in a more timely manner, less encumbered by context.

Thinking about it, it should also make it easier for you guys to share the pieces you enjoy, so please do that. A lot. Like, every day.

ALF reviews begin Thursday! Yes, in case you missed it, I’ll be working through the whole of ALF, so you don’t have to. However, if you’d like to follow along with the reviews and maybe toss your own observations into the pot after all, the entirety of the series is up on Hulu here. I think you need a subscription to watch it, but don’t worry; I don’t get any kind of compensation whatsoever for that. I’m not that lucky.

Anyway, from the thumbnail it looks like episode two is going to be a real treat:

Oh ALF...

They have all 99 episodes, and that’s where I’ll be watching them. There was also a TV movie which was called ALF Gets Dissected or some crap, which I remember hating as a child. It’s basically the series finale, so hopefully I can get my hands on it before I’m through the run. I say “hopefully.”

So, yes, my review of episode one will post on October 17th, and a new one will follow every Thursday.

– I reviewed some books! Do you remember those old “Worlds of Power” books? They were novelizations of popular video games that were sold at book fairs and such. It was a way of tricking those damned kids into reading, and it was really was a dirty trick; the books were terrible. It’s like they cared more about tricking kids into reading then helping kids to enjoy reading.

Anyway, I’ve recently reviewed the novelization of Mega Man 2, so feel free to check that out if you haven’t yet. A few years ago I also reviewed the novelization of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, so read that one too. It’s Halloween-appropriate. And fuck knows I won’t be doing anything else to celebrate.

Thanks for reading, as always, and for all of your support. In summary: like, ALF, and read.

5 thoughts on “Housekeeping – October 12, 2013”

  1. Ah, “social media,” the blight of the civilized world. Here’s a message for you, Facebook: You think you’re a superwebsite, but you’re nothing but a stink bomb.

    1. I’m going to start working that into conversations. I can make it catch on. I KNOW I can.

  2. I have a copy of Project ALF that I’d be happy to donate to the cause. Its certainly more brutal to watch than the series (less the Jim J Bullock run), so it should make for some razor sharp commentary.
    I can also include that DVD-R of the Muppet Family Christmas we talked about a few years ago, if you’d still like it.

    1. A million times yes! Do you still have my email address? Shoot me a note and I’ll get you my address. Thank you! You bring me relief and torment at once.

      1. Sent the email to the address I had. Let me know if you don’t get it. I can’t wait! This is going to be a fun ride. I was considering doing ALF after you turned me on to Full house reviewed. My other front runner was Quantum Leap. Guess I’m stuck with that if I ever get ambitious.

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