So Long, Stinktown!

The Simpsons, "You Only Move Twice"

Well, Serious Week (as friend of the website Ridley and enemy of the website Rachael Ray dubbed it) is at an end. Maybe you’d think I could use a break after that.

Maybe you’d be right!

But either way, it coincides with my move back to civilization! As of this morning I’ll be in Denver proper again, and I have strong intentions of kicking butt on this blog, now that I’ll have a place of my own and — presumably — more time to write and / or eat sad nachos in my underpants.

I don’t know when my internet will be set up, so if this week is quiet, that’s why. There will be a new ALF review on Thursday at the very least, so if you want to make fun of me behind my back, that comments section may be a good place to do it.

In the meantime, as ever, thanks for reading.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the ads went…I felt bad “profiting” off of the things I was posting last week, so I removed them. I could put them back, but, frankly, I’d like to be able to post things like that now and again without feeling guilty. So for now, at least, they’re gone. I may reconsider in the future, and I appreciate all of your support and feedback on the subject, but I think it’s a story for another day.

You guys are awesome. Be good while Pappy Chatters is gone!!

4 thoughts on “So Long, Stinktown!”

  1. I know you moved to avoid that subpoena we sent ya. Don’t you worry…we’ll find you. We have John Grisham’s nephew working for us.

    Our fleet of old Alien Task Force vans is gassed up and ready to hunt you down. (We made Max Wright syphon from the NBC parking lot. You think he was hard to understand on the show? Try him after he’s thrown up a gallon of Sunoco and trainyard beans.)

  2. Oh, what timing. Didn’t you hear? Arvada just topped the list of “most livable cities” as selected by…

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