Golden Slumbers

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Just a few short words about where I’ve been. Or, one short word: asleep.

This entire week or so I’ve been feeling drained and lethargic. As best I can tell, it’s due to a medication I’m on, which has recently had its dosage reduced. This is good news, at least on the whole. But my body seems to want to hibernate until it adjusts…and that’s been problematic for a few reasons. The most visible to you is probably the lack of updates on this site. It’s something that I hope gets rectified soon. Especially since there’s something I really want to get written and ready for this week.

I’ve been more or less useless outside of work, which soaks up what little energy I have. It’s nothing to worry about in the long-term, and I don’t feel sick or uncomfortable at all. Just dead, dead tired.

So…yeah. I appreciate your patience. Again, I’m hoping to have something special ready this week, and to resume my normal level of erratic productivity soon.


5 thoughts on “Golden Slumbers”

  1. …and the one thing I wanted to say is the one thing I forgot to say. That gives you an idea of how functional I am lately.

    The live “Manos” event didn’t sell enough tickets…and there’s probably a few things worth discussing as far as that goes, but the upshot is this: we’ll still be doing an online event. Stay tuned. I’m thinking on or around Easter. And it’ll still be great.

    1. Well, at least that means I might be able to attend. Although I’m not so sure about dishonoring the Lord’s big day like that…
      Last year, Easter came on my birthday. I griped to a group of people because Jesus has had almost 2,000 Easters, but my remaining birthdays are finite, and so I thought I should get the attention that day. To which they all got pissed and said stuff like, “Oh really? And who are you?”
      I wanted to say, “I’m a guy who actually exists,” but I am far too nice for that. Far, far too nice. Fuck.

      1. Nevermind, I just realized Easter is this weekend. WE WILL DO SOMETHING SOON BUT NOT THAT SOON

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