Alright! A little technical teething trouble (mega sorry…I promise, I tried…) but we got the stream working! That means that Wednesday’s encore stream should go without a hitch!

Thanks to all those who attended. It was fucking hilarious, and we hit $570 in donations to The Trevor Project! That’s enough to buy FIVE. VIDEO GAMES.

Seriously, I love you guys. Thanks so much for making this a success.

If you couldn’t make it, or if you missed some of it, or if you just want to see this incredible stuff again, come back Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern. Same stream, live chat, lots more fun.

You guys are incredible, and I love you all.


      1. I did not and won’t be at the encore. Work calls, sadly. Some people wanna buy some shit, and I gotta give it to em. Muchos muchos bummer. Was super keen, too.

      1. Not what you think, Sarah. Unless you’re thinking specifically of the thing that it’s in reference to, in which case, sorry.

  1. It sucks that you had to redub the host segments due to audio issues, but I thought the way you handled it was a great save.
    I wish I was around for the repeat broadcast so I could laugh all over again; sadly I’ll be out of town. I’m sure everyone will be just as funny as last night.

    1. Thanks! The original was a completely different story, and I’ll still put that together at some point for sure.

      Glad you could make it to the stream. Enjoy your trip!

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