GO NOW: One-hour stress test

At 7 Eastern, I’ll be testing what I hope is this year’s streaming solution for the Xmas Bash! The room is open right now, so pop on in!

[EDIT: it’s over]

It’s GoToMeeting, which is a legitimate, reputable service so don’t panic if you asks you to install a launcher. It’s not spyware or anything awful. Also, a free app is available, and you can watch that way by entering the meeting ID “xmasbash.”

I’m really hoping this works tonight. If I can get a reliable stream going with decent chat functionality, I’m set…and I hopefully will be for the next few years.

So if you have time, pop over and help me find out if I’ll be relaxing for the next six days or seeking out alternatives in a desperate scramble. Hohoho!

We’ll be watching two specials at the test stream, totaling about an hour. One is Xmas related, but not something I’ve yet found a home for in the Bash! The other is not Xmas related, but I think you will agree it is important viewing for the youth of America.

See you there!

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  1. Update: Done! Thanks for tuning in. Looks like I’ll have to set up a Discord server or something for the actual event due to chat limitations with GoToMeeting. Details to come!

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