TripleJump page is live!

I’ve mentioned it before — and sometimes even had the presence of mind to post them here! — but I’ve been writing for TripleJump on YouTube since the middle of last year.

That definitely has contributed to my decrease in output here. My scripts are tens of thousands of words long, and they require research and first-hand experience on my end. Those aren’t complaints, but I’d like you to know that I’m still writing! My words are just being used for feature-length videos(!) instead of blog posts.

Because a lot of those videos will take the place of active work here, I’ve set up a TripleJump page — accessible from the left-hand navigation — where I will post links to all of the videos I’ve written.

Check them out. I hope you’ll enjoy them. It’s a new experience for me to write things that other people perform. It’s not the first time, but it’s the first time I’ve done it steadily.

But what about this site? Well, stay tuned. Book news should be coming soon, and I have something very big planned for this year, which I’ll post about after my birthday.

Ever since the ALF reviews finished, I’ve thought about tackling something big again. And I think I’ve found my subject.

We’ll chat soon, I promise.

3 thoughts on “TripleJump page is live!”

  1. Great to hear! I’ve been following your work for a solid few years between the Save State Gamer and here, and you may remember how I even sent in a job application to TripleJump myself. (having my articles being featured alongside yours would’ve been cool…)

    And no problem at all with the fewer updates — jobs can be a lot of hard work, so I want you to give your 110% towards TripleJump!

    And “and I have something very big planned for this year”? :o

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