Resident Evil by Philip J Reed: Fully Funded

You absolute madmen. Or women! The campaign is sitting at nearly 250% funded, and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. It was fully funded in under two hours. There is still a full month to go.

Thank you. A million times, thank you.

What this means is…well, the book is happening. There’s no longer any question. Enough people threw enough support behind the campaign that every book in season five (and a few bonuses as well) will be released.

The Kickstarter will continue, of course, but now when you back it you are essentially preordering it. You’re reserving your copy and you’ll get it immediately upon release. $15 gets you a physical and digital copy, but there are a lot more options and, of course, a lot of other great books.

So check it out. Preorder it. You’ll like it.

If you have already supported the campaign, I appreciate you. If you haven’t but will, I appreciate you, too! If you haven’t and aren’t interested…well, yeah, of course you have and deserve my appreciation simply for being here reading this. Thank you all.

I promised that I’d share more information about the book here, on this site, as the campaign unfolded. I had planned to publish the first post when the campaign hit its target, whenever that happened to be. I didn’t think it would happen to be “immediately,” so I don’t have a post ready. WHOOPS.

You’ll get more, but in the meantime, here’s the table of contents.

…well, I thought it was cool enough to share! Seeing this really helped me realize how much I managed to accomplish during this project. Every one of those chapters contains a story you will read and represents a story I experienced while putting it together. It’s like a photograph of a group of friends I recently got to know very well.

Of course, if you’ve played Resident Evil, you might be able to guess what some of those chapters are about. And, y’know, feel free to do that in the comments. You won’t win anything!

Thank you again, sincerely.

Substantial updates and other goodies to come as we celebrate the publication of the biggest project I’ve ever worked on.

And if you haven’t reserved yourself a copy yet, please consider doing so.

You’ll be supporting some very good people, and also me.

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    1. Not sure how I missed this, but thanks! See if you can find yourself in the book.

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