Join me for “Anatomy of a Scream,” Aug. 8, 4 pm Eastern

Alright, I can now announce the details!

“Anatomy of a Scream”
With Resident Evil author Philip J Reed
Sat, August 8, 2020, 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)

What it is

Join me as we take a walk through the Spencer Mansion — and mmmaybe a bit beyond — to dissect some of Resident Evil‘s strongest scares. We’ll discuss how and why the game’s most memorable moments work so well, and why 25+ years later I can say things like “that ceiling” and “that hallway” and you know precisely what I mean.

I’ll be taking you live through some of these scenes, showing you how Capcom so expertly got under your skin. (Your itchy, tasty skin.) We’ll discuss both the game’s most inspired artistic decisions and the ways in which the weaknesses of its design — and probably unintentionally — work to its advantage.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. And the best part? I’m taking requests! Let me know what your standout Resident Evil moments are, and I promise to take all of the fun out of them for you.

A bit of background

When I was writing Resident Evil, there was a chapter we ended up scrapping in which I looked at three specific, memorable scares in the game, deconstructing each to determine exactly how and why they worked so well. Much of that material is still in the book, albeit presented differently. Essentially, I was trying to discuss how things were presented visually…without using visuals. It wasn’t something I was able to execute well enough for it to remain, and so we pulled the chapter. (This, to be clear, was the correct decision.)

Now, however, I have the opportunity to present that material and more in a panel presentation. I can walk through these moments frame by frame, if need be, performing a live autopsy on some of Resident Evil‘s most effective moments.

Fair warning that the imagery may be a bit disturbing. Granted, it will be PlayStation 1-era imagery, but I’m just putting that out there. Also, I might go “boo!” every so often to make sure you’re paying attention. JOIN ME IF YOU DARE

How to watch

I want to be perfectly clear about this: This is a live event! If you miss it…well, you’ve missed it. So don’t miss it!

For $10, you’ll get live access to the entirety of Uplink, featuring an incredible lineup of entertainers, developers, critics, comedians, writers, AND ALSO ME. “Anatomy of a Scream” is just one of the things I’ll be involved in, but…I’ll share more about that later.

We’re less than three weeks out. If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, be sure to do so.


When: August 8-9
Where: Online!
Tickets: Available now