Out now: Resident Evil by Philip J Reed

My book on Resident Evil is officially out. Pick up your copy right here through Boss Fight Books.

Take 15% off your entire order for the rest of August by entering the discount code EVIL15 at checkout. If you’ve been thinking of picking up any Boss Fight Books releases — mine or anyone else’s — now is the time!

You can also order through Amazon and Google Play, though only in digital formats for the time being.

Boss Fight Books is the way to go, especially with the discount code. I hope you enjoy, and thank you — all of you — for your incredible support.

If you’re still not sure if you should buy it, here are some people who say you should.

After 24 years, new knowledge and perspective is a gift for fans. And, that is exactly the gift Philip J. Reed offers his readers. Score: 4.5/5
Horror Geek Life

Refreshing for its candor and reassuring in that someday soon video game writing is going to go in some very unique and interesting directions.
Obtain Potion

The work put in by Reed gives the actors involved in the game a chance to finally tell their story and answer a lot of questions that have floated around for years.
That Jersey Gamer

A rewarding read that will leave you’ll with a greater understanding and appreciation of this schlocky survival horror classic.
Game Spew

Even the more die-hard Resident Evil fans are going to find a fair amount of information they didn’t know about the game here. Score: 5/5
MMO Fallout

A reflection on the shared experiences and unique journeys of all of us players who came from so many different backgrounds to fall in love with one horror game in the ’90s.
Dead Entertainment

The book is a love letter to the genre in general […]. It’s an extremely entertaining look at all aspects of horror, as well as an unexpectedly touching story of growing up in a small town with only movies and games to occupy one’s time. Score: 4.5/5
Geek To Geek Media

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