First and Last Ever Fundraiser for ALF Shit

Die komplette Serie, DieWell, at least slightly unexpectedly, some folks out there are willing to chip in to buy me German ALF DVDs. In my last review for season one, I said this:

If anyone out there is feeling generous enough to shell out for copies of the season two, three, and / or four boxsets that were released in Germany, I’ll use those for my reviews moving forward. The reason I specify the German releases is that those are the complete versions of the episodes…not the syndicated ones I’m reviewing here. All other regions, as far as I can tell, got these shorter edits. […] I’m perfectly happy to keep reviewing these as they are; I just figured I’d ask.

A few folks offered to pony up to prolong my misery by several minutes per episode, culminating in commenter ERK finding this, which he says came to $66.94 after shipping. I didn’t check his math because fuck math.

So I figured I’d open the flood gates here: if you would like to donate anything to buy me die komplette serie of ALF, you can do it through PayPal. Just send whatever you’d like to send (and nothing, I want to reiterate, is a totally valid amount) to…


From what it sounds like, if people donate I should be able to just pay the rest myself and make up the difference.

If I do find myself in possession of the rest of the episodes of this show (which the Germans refer to as The Triumph of the Willie), I will not only be able to review the complete edits moving forward, but I will also write up a bonus installment at some point, in which I review all of the scenes cut from season one. It’ll be like a clip show, but even more agonizing than usual.

Furthermore, I don’t want this thing. So after my reviews are done maybe I’ll host a raffle or a contest and give it away. We’ll see. No promises (mainly because I don’t even have the damned thing yet) but I think it’s pretty likely that I’ll manage to pass it forward to some unfortunate person who is going to have that cover art staring back at them from the shelf.

So, yes. PayPal anything you like to reed[dot]philipj[at]gmail[dot]com.

Make sure to include your name, because I’d like to thank you in some way. If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s fine too…but unless that’s the case, do make sure to let me know who you are.

And with that, I’ll leave you to consider how much money you’d like to pitch into the Make Philip Watch More of This Shitty Puppet Show fund. (I’m almost positive it’s tax deductible!)

…actually, no. I’ll leave you with this instead. THAT COVER ART YOU GUYS
ALF eyes Poland...

10 thoughts on “First and Last Ever Fundraiser for ALF Shit”

  1. Paypal is asking me if you are friends/family or if I’m buying something, I’m unsure about the ramifications of picking either one, if I say I’m buying a product or service they will exact a fee on it but if I pick friends/family maybe they get suspicious.

    1. I think they take the same fee regardless of what you pick. Unless I’m mistaken, that choice only affects the form you’re given. If you’re buying a product, for instance, they’ll probably ask for a shipping address, whereas to give money to a friend they won’t.

      So, yeah, I don’t think there’s a real difference.

    1. There are some comments on the German Amazon page complaining that there’s nothing additional here past what was on the individual season sets. I think chances are good there’s an English track.

    2. I did a little digging around and found a German seller on who sold this exact boxset recently. According to the boxset info that’s above the listing (which is all in German), it does have “Englisch” as a language option on the set.

  2. All right, apparently PayPal is on permanent suck mode and won’t let me log on despite how many times I reset my password & shit. Fuck them. Please email me directly or let me know here some other way I can kick in $10 to this, even if it’s just mailing you a $10 bill. I’d rather risk losing it in the mail than dealing with those flea-bit moronic pig-fuckers at PayPal. Seriously, fuck them.

  3. Just FYI…


    This is nearly funded. I’m about $20 away. I’m saving the personal thank-yous until I close the funding, so I can do it all at once, but I appreciate everyone who chipped in any amount.

    I’ll order this early next week, so that I can get it in time (hopefully) to start season two on schedule. If not I’ll find something else to post in the meantime.

    Anyway, thank you, and if you’d still like to chip in, I’d appreciate it! Paypal: reed.philipj [at] gmail [dot] com.

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