Please Please Me: Take the 2015 Noiseless Chatter Reader’s Survey

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A couple of years ago I posted a reader’s survey, and though the changes I made were slow in coming, every response helped me to turn this into a better site. (A suspicion that seems to be borne out by the increased number of visitors and the growing community.)

I’d like to ask you to take another one.

It’s quick. Nine questions, many of which are multiple choice, and a few that require only a short answer. All replies are anonymous in the sense that Survey Monkey scrambles them up so that I won’t be able to see which string of responses were given by which respondent.

I do ask for your email address at the end. That’s entirely optional, and providing it will not link you to any of the other answers you’ve provided.

The reason I ask is that I’ll sweeten the deal for you by selecting one survey respondent and sending them a copy of the Thomas Pynchon novel of their choice. (DID YOU KNOW INHERENT VICE IS COMING OUT SOON)

It doesn’t matter where you live; as long as Amazon can deliver to you, you’re eligible. And Pynchon is awesome. Allow me to prove it.

Not sure which Pynchon novel to choose? Stay tuned, reader…

Again, the email address is not required, but since I benefit so much from every survey response, I want to do anything I can to encourage participation.

Thank you in advance for answering these nine quick questions.

Help make this site everything it can be.

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