ALF Reviews: ALF to the Future

ALF to the Future

As I’m sure you’ve all seen in your Facebook feeds for months, today is the day Gordon Shumway travels through time.

Right? I think that’s right.

Anyway, star commenter, Perfect Strangers devotee, and all around great fella Casey Roberson contributed his artistic talents to bring an original time-traveling ALF adventure to life. And I hope you enjoy it. It’s everything I’m sure the actual comics were not!

So please enjoy this special installment of ALF Reviews. I assure you it’s far better than anything I have to say about “Wanted: Dead or Alive.”

…far, far better.

(I encourage you to click the images below in order to see them in their full and deserving glory, and check out Casey’s slightly more respectable output here.)

Without further ado:


ALF to the Future

ALF to the Future

ALF to the Future

ALF to the Future

ALF to the Future

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8 thoughts on “ALF Reviews: ALF to the Future”

  1. Really? How can you find anything funny about Judy having her eyes slashed? That was nothing but disgusting, and I stopped reading the garbage right there…

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