Final Reminder: ALF Reviews Finale Stream on Friday!

ALF, "Weird Science"

Your big ALF feature this week takes the form of a live stream! The main attraction is Project: ALF, which we will all watch together and riff, in real time, in the chatroom. It will be a lot of fun, and I bet at least one of the viewers will make a joke about smoking crack, so don’t miss that!

But that’s not all. We’ll also be streaming a whopping six episodes of ALF in the runup, along with some smaller, odder curios scattered about. It’ll be a fun night, and it really is our big farewell party, so be sure to join in.

The date and time: Friday, May 20. 7:00 PM Eastern / 5:00 PM Mountain.

All you need to do is come to this very site on that date, at that time. You’ll see the stream, or a link to it, and you can join us there.

If you are worried that a live riff of Project: ALF will influence my review, don’t! I already reviewed it, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you. It’ll come in three parts, and I think you’ll enjoy it, even without funny Max Wright faces to screengrab.

Finally, guess which episodes I’ll be streaming, or at least come closest, and win a mug! (U.S. only, unless you want to pay for shipping. Sorry, but shipping mugs overseas is absurdly pricey.)

The rules: We’ll be streaming six episodes, so you only get to guess six episodes. (In other words, no guessing all 99 episodes and then declaring victory because six of them were correct.) You have until the stream starts to enter. You must use your real email address when you comment or contact me, if only so I can let you know you won and get your shipping information. If you enter twice, I’ll take your most recent entry only. And, finally, in the event of a tie, I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner.


So, have at it. Let me know in the comments which six episodes you think I’ll stream.

I’ll even give a hint. I’ve chosen the six episodes using the following criteria:

  • A cute one
  • A funny one
  • A crazy one
  • An insightful one
  • An ensemble one
  • A good one

Comment away, and I’ll see you Friday!

11 thoughts on “Final Reminder: ALF Reviews Finale Stream on Friday!”

  1. Okay, ummmm…
    Cute one —> Pretty Woman
    La Cucaracha
    Insightful —> The first one to feature Jodie
    Ensemble —> Going Out of my Head Over You
    Good one —> The book-burning episode with the meat
    This is harder than I thought it would be. They all just kind of blend together in my mind. Like, La Cucaracha can be either funny or crazy. I dunno. These are my crappy guesses.

  2. Which robot is in your logo? I saw him in Target on a birthday card. Is it going to be a web-cam stream where everyone stares at each other? Should people wear their ALF costumes? I was thinking of making that wooden box he wears on his head. Plus got a new roommates today, he has an ALF sticker on a metal army bullet box thing stuffed with playing cards. Strange.

    1. Here are my guesses, my friend:

      A cute one: For Your Eyes Only

      A funny one:. Lies

      A funny one: La Cucharacha

      An insightful one: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?

      An ensemble one: Working My Way Back to You

      A good one: Fight Back

    2. The robot is Mr. Fabiola. We adopted him from some free clipart site way back when. Did you really see him on a birthday card? Is there any chance you can snap a picture for me?

      No webcams. It’ll just be a stream of ALF episodes with text chat. You’re welcome to flash your camera as often as you like, but nobody will see it.

      ALF costumes are mandatory. I’m going as that woman who couldn’t feed her kids because Willie sucks at his job.

  3. Here’s my guesses:
    A cute one – Somewhere Over the Rerun
    A funny one – Somewhere Over the Rerun
    A crazy one – Somewhere Over the Rerun
    An insightful one – Somewhere Over the Rerun
    An ensemble one – Somewhere Over the Rerun
    A good one – The Bone Losers

  4. here are my guesses:
    cute one-Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue?
    funny one-Working My Way Back to You
    crazy one- La Cucharacha
    insightful one- I’m your puppet
    ensemble one-Superstition
    good one-night train.

  5. A cute one: Working My Way Back to You
    A funny one: Come Fly With Me
    A crazy one: La Cuckaracha
    An insightful one: Night Train
    An ensemble one: Superstition
    A good one: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow

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