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Go Now: The ALF Reviews Finale Stream!

May 20th, 2016 | Posted by Philip J Reed in alf

ALF, "We're in the Money"

The stream is starting! Visit for the big, live, online farewell to the ALF Reviews series.

We’re streaming for five hours! That’s time for six episodes, the Project: ALF TV movie that was meant to wrap everything up but was actually just a big pile of shit, and lots of other fun curios / stuff that will give you nightmares.

What episodes are we streaming? You’ll have to tune in to find out, but I’ve selected…

  • A cute one
  • A funny one
  • A crazy one
  • An insightful one
  • An ensemble one
  • A good one

So, yeah, stop reading this and join us in the chat room. It’s always a good night, and this time it’s not even for charity so you won’t have to feel bad about all the curse words you’ll say.

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