Go Now: The ALF Reviews Finale Stream!

ALF, "We're in the Money"

The stream is starting! Visit http://connectcast.tv/noiseless for the big, live, online farewell to the ALF Reviews series.

We’re streaming for five hours! That’s time for six episodes, the Project: ALF TV movie that was meant to wrap everything up but was actually just a big pile of shit, and lots of other fun curios / stuff that will give you nightmares.

What episodes are we streaming? You’ll have to tune in to find out, but I’ve selected…

  • A cute one
  • A funny one
  • A crazy one
  • An insightful one
  • An ensemble one
  • A good one

So, yeah, stop reading this and join us in the chat room. It’s always a good night, and this time it’s not even for charity so you won’t have to feel bad about all the curse words you’ll say.

4 thoughts on “Go Now: The ALF Reviews Finale Stream!”

  1. We streamed…
    “Funeral for a Friend”
    “Night Train”
    “La Cuckaracha”
    “Fight Back”
    “I’m Your Puppet”
    …and Project: ALF.

    Thanks to everyone who tuned in!

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