I Survived Xmas Bash 5! and all I got was this lousy download.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s Xmas Bash! Thanks for drilling with me this year! Now I’m looking forward to not thinking about it for around 20 minutes, before I start planning the next one.

In case you need to reference the episodes for your therapist, tonight we watched…

The 5th Annual Noiseless Chatter Xmas Bash! (2017):

  • The Cosby Show – “Getting to Know You”
  • Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – “I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger”
  • Inspector Gadget – “Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas”
  • Thunderbirds – “Give or Take a Million”
  • Dog With a Blog – “Twas the Fight Before Christmas”
  • Good Times – “The Traveling Christmas”
  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues – “A Shaolin Christmas”

As a special gift, please enjoy this complementary download of Now That’s What I Call Xmas Bash! Vol. 1. This mix includes songs from each of the previous Bash!es, barring the first which was not musical in the slightest. There’s also a special unused demo from Adam Lore.

Download it. Respect it. Love it. Bring it to Xmas parties this year and make everybody hate you. Cruise through the bad part of town with your windows down blaring “Taco Bell Christmas.” LIVE IT UP


1) Ho Ho Ho, It’s Christmas Time — Alix & Company
2) Excuse My Christmas — Jan Terri
3) All I Want for Christmas is a Time Machine — Adam Lore
4) Johnny Elf — Poodlebug
5) Merry Christmas Santa Claus (You’re a Lovely Guy) — Max Headroom
6) Gummibär Christmas Megamix – Gummibär & Friends
7) Have a Cheeky Christmas — The Cheeky Girls
8) Bad on Christmas — Annie Perkins & Rogue
9) A Taco Bell Christmas — Hot Dad
10) Try the Christmas Drink! — Weird Paul Petroskey
11) Hey Mr. Christmas (demo) — Adam Lore
12) The Story of Christmas — Mocomi Kids
13) Rock and Roll Santa — Jan Terri
14) I Love Christmas — Michael Boyd
15) 12 Days of Turtle Christmas — Master Splinter and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
16) Christmas at the Donut Shop — Tom Barlow
17) A Prozac Christmas — Accordion Joe
18) It’s Damn Near Christmas — Adam Lore
19) All I Want for Christmas is You — Gabe the Dog
20) A Very Merry Christmas — The Maxwell Moment

Many thanks to Matthew Wong for the cover image!

I hope you had a great time tonight. I know I did.

I love you all. Merry Christmas.

8 thoughts on “I Survived Xmas Bash 5! and all I got was this lousy download.”

  1. For making me watch Dog with a Blog I will hurt you.
    Here is the short summary from imdb.
    MacGyver and the kids at the Challenges Club are taught the true meaning of Christmas by a mysterious homeless woman who comes to stay there.
    Season 5 | Episode 11

  2. Thank to Phil and ALL the folks putting this together. It’s honestly my Christmas Highlight. Two things!

    1 – Now, I’m not sure how to put this but I ~think~ Phil is losing his touch/taste. Some of the stuff this year wasn’t actually bad? I’m looking at you, Good TImes; I’m sure NOT looking at YOU, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues!

    Either that or he’s running outta material!

    2 – What was the song for the credits this year? J-Pop, as far as I can tell, but as great as the Soundtrack is I don’t think it’s on there?

    Thanks again, everyone, including you idiots in the chat who make this a screaming blast.

    1. 1) Don’t worry! I have plenty of dreck left for you to…enjoy? I do try to drop a few things in there (either shows or songs) that actually aren’t terrible to break it up a bit. Ebbs and flows, after all. I wanted Kung Fu to look even worse by comparison.

      2) It is not on here! It’s “Baby Universe” from We Love Katamari.

      1. *listens to “Baby Universe”* Eeee! Yay! Thank you! I’ve never played a Katamari game. They seem… odd…

  3. Wow! With this free download, I’ll won’t have any need for bacon, eggs, toast, juice, oatmeal, apples, oranges, pears, bananas, malt-o-meal, cream-o’-wheat, Cheerios, Cap’n Crunch, Wheaties, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, or Rice Krispies. I won’t have any need for waffles, pancakes, corn muffins, bran muffins, blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls, scones, hash browns, French toast…

  4. Power Rangers episode with no Power Rangers.
    Kung Fu: The Legend Continues with no kung fu.
    Christmas episode of Thunderbirds with no Christmas.

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