ALF Reviews: “Baby, Come Back” (season 4, episode 1)

We are back! And badder than ever! Seriously, I’m not just saying that! My reviews are going to be utter shit!

Season four. You know, when I started this series way back in 1966 or whenever it was, I never thought I’d make it this far. It just seemed so…distant. I remember adding all of the episode titles to the ALF archive page and feeling daunted. I mean, how in the world would I ever finish reviewing all this crap?

Well, the answer is you guys. You readers. You’re the reason I’m still doing this, and the reason that it’s getting more likely by the week that I might actually finish it. So before we dive into the final stretch of episodes, let me just say thank you. You guys are great. I wouldn’t change anything about you, except that you’d have bigger boobs and you’d let me honk them.

Anyway, “Baby, Come Back.” It’s the first post-birth episode, and it’s about Baby Eric. Am I correct in assuming it’s also the last episode about Baby Eric? Glancing at the episode titles to come, none of them have “baby” in the title, and I doubt ALF suddenly grows a sense of subtlety for its final season, so I’m pretty confident that’s the case. Unless “Hungry Like the Wolf” is about ALF devouring the kid during a full moon. I guess that’s something I can hope for.

The season opens with Willie failing to be a dad. Big shock. His baby is screaming bloody murder while he stares at it and asks it politely to stop. I’m pretty sure he’s about four seconds away from putting on headphones and sitting in the other room with this month’s copy of Manholes.

There’s something weird about this episode, though; the video quality is really awful and washed out. I don’t know if you can tell from the screenshots, but it’s very noticeable when it’s in motion. It’s like back when I had to watch these things on Hulu, and my connection would be crappy so it would load a lower quality version of the show.

But it’s a DVD. This looks like they sourced it from a VHS, and maybe that’s what happened. Sometimes masters simply don’t survive. It’s an odd thing to think about nowadays, but it happens. It’s why episodes of Doctor Who don’t exist anymore; prior to digital storage, shelf space was a serious consideration. And while you lose a lot of cultural, artistic, and historical value every time you wipe a master — any master — the fact was that there was only so much room to go around.

So maybe “Baby, Come Back” simply doesn’t exist in a better version. So be it. It’s a shame, but there’s nothing we can do at this point but watch Willie try to stop his son from crying and…

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

fuck it I take back what I said wipe every ALF master I don’t give a shit

ALF comes in and tells Willie to control his fucking kid.

Willie tells ALF to fuck off, and he makes some stammering excuse about babies needing to exercise their lungs. So, yeah, Willie is the kind of guy who has to be right even when a kid is crying and wailing holy terror. Every good social worker knows that crying people just want attention and should be ignored.

Sick to shit of this new baby already, ALF shouts “Quiet!” and, terrified, it shuts up.

Season four is go!

After the credits Kate is interviewing a potential babysitter. She’s just some teenage girl, but I have to give her props for having the most psychotic smile I’ve seen SINCE MY LAST BLIND DATE LOL

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

No, honestly, it’s pretty funny. She does this right after Eric starts crying in the background, and she says with perfect sincerity to Kate, “I can’t stand it when they cry. Can you make it stop?”

There’s something about her awkwardness that I wasn’t sure was intentional, but I like it anyway. Compare this to Max Wright’s “trying too hard to be silly” face and it looks downright Shakespearean.

Sure enough I looked her up and this is…Missy Francis?!

Jesus. Nowadays she’s known for hosting Money with Melissa Francis on right-wing circle jerk Fox News. I looked up a clip to be sure and that was definitely her, same face, ranting about why she’s proud to work for Fox News and not any of those other shitty networks that waste everyone’s time checking their facts, so fucking hell. Can’t wait for the episode in which Bill O’Reilly plays a lifeguard who doesn’t understand tides.

It turns out she was also on Mork & Mindy in a small role and Little House on the Prairie in a much larger one. I guess she had a decent enough start as an actor, but either didn’t stick with it or realized you make a lot more money vomiting unsourced nonsense behind a desk all day.

Even so, it’s a shame we’ll never see her again, because I’d much rather season four introduce a psychotic babysitter to the Tanner house than Jim J. Bullock.

In fact, insane Fox News commentator-in-training or not, she has a great moment shortly. Evidently her babysitting resume is filled with acting credentials (which Kate makes fun of, but, damn, if she’s got more than one credit that’s a more impressive resume than the cast of ALF). When she leaves Kate says, “I hope you get that part on Munters Today!” The babysitter stops in the doorway, turns around, and makes a big, excited show out of crossing her fingers.

It’s…incredibly human, and actually very funny. No wonder you didn’t stick around, Missy Francis. You did something funny and your last name wasn’t Fusco. Rookie mistake.

Looking up The Munsters Today I see that it ran for three seasons. That’s…way more than I expected. I vaguely remember it existing, and I kind of thought it was some miserable failure that was canceled during season one. I guess not. In fact, it ran almost as long as ALF did. In Hell I believe they’re both still running.

ALF comes in and says WHAT’S FOR DINNER which is his entire character in three words.

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

Kate and Willie talk for a while about how Kate can’t go back to work until they find a babysitter, which is reassuring and frustrating in equal measure. Reassuring because we know Kate is still a Realtor. That’s nice; I had half expected them to forget that between seasons, like old what’s-his-name who used to live with the Ochmoneks and cum into Lynn’s socks when nobody was looking. Captain Pesto or something.

But it’s also frustrating because…come on. An alien lives in your fucking house. A babysitter will be on your payroll for approximately 12 minutes before one of the following occurs:

a) ALF accidentally kills her
b) ALF violently rapes her
c) ALF violently rapes and then kills her
d) ALF kills and then violently rapes her
e) she discovers ALF and rats the family out to the government

Admittedly, e) is the least likely outcome, but the point is Baby Eric either needs to go live with a relative, or you need to keep a family member home with him. Strange babysitters won’t do. It’s emphatically not an option.

Willie asks Kate if she’s tried advertising in the college newspapers, and that reminds me…why not ask one of Lynn’s friends?


They do have a pretty interesting sub-conversation here about the possibility of ALF one day being able to start a life without them, which is an important thing to discuss so obviously they drop the subject immediately. But I wonder if this is meant to be a kind of foreshadowing. According to commenter Justin who provided this awesome piece a while back, “The whole thing got so heated that it was agreed between the producers that should the series get a fifth season order the Tanners would be completely written out of the show. ALF would be taken to the Alien Task Force headquarters and the show was to become a McHale’s Navy– or Hogan’s Heroes-type comedy, set on a military base.”

Depending on when that decision actually happened, it’s possible that the cast and crew knew here that ALF would indeed have a Tanner-less life in season five, and they laid some groundwork for that.

It’s unlikely, since this is never a show that’s cared anything about inter-episode continuity and, again, probably wouldn’t start caring about it in season four, but it’s interesting that the first episode of the season floats that idea and the final episode tries to fulfill it.

But we’ll get to that hot mess soon enough.

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

Later on, Kate is trying to burp Eric. No wonder we don’t get any Eric episodes in the future…they explored every possibility with this one! Also, the baby has wispy brown hair in this episode whereas he had thick black hair in the last, so I’m pretty sure the Tanners already traded their kid for one they liked better.

ALF says he’ll show her a trick, and Kate has a decent moment when she says that the last time he showed her a trick, it took two weeks for her eyebrows to grow back. That’s…yeah, decent. I’ll stick with decent.

But then ALF promises that Eric won’t leave his hands. Kate replies, “Spot him, Lynn.”

And fucked if that isn’t my favorite line in ages.

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

Then we immediately get my least favorite line in ages. Kate asks ALF to heat Eric’s formula, and ALF says, “What do you need formula for, Kate? Tapped out?”

…fucking gross, ALF.


I’m not one of those people that’s disgusted by breast feeding or anything. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s a normal bodily function. But ALF joking about Eric sucking Kate’s tits dry is disgusting, even by this show’s revolting standards.

Kate’s boss calls and says she has to sell a house right now, and he doesn’t give a fuck if she just had a baby and is on maternity leave. So rather than let this massive lawsuit fall into her lap, Kate panics about who can watch the baby that just sucked her boobs to shriveled, flappy husks.

She suggests Mrs. Ochmonek, but ALF says that’s the wrong answer without elaborating. I have no idea why; the Ochmoneks are the only other human beings on the planet, so I thought she was a pretty good guess.

Seriously, why not Mrs. Ochmonek? What’s the in-universe explanation? Because ALF doesn’t like her? Who fucking cares? Someone needs to watch the kid, and they’re still putting the space monster’s unpredictable feelings ahead of the family’s needs. This is one weird-ass show. They didn’t write a reason Mrs. Ochmonek wouldn’t be the choice, so why bring it up? Just to make it absolutely clear to the folks watching at home that none of your characters act like human beings?

Then Kate makes up some names of neighbors we’ve never met. Nice try, writers, but we know full well nobody else lives in this version of LA.

One of the names is Mrs. Applebaum, who ALF says is occupied because she’s out becoming Mr. Applebaum. Kind of an uncomfortable joke in these more enlightened times, but it gets a lot worse.

Kate says that she forgot to send flowers, which is followed by audience laughter that’s massively misjudged. Why are people laughing about her sending flowers to a friend in a hospital? Clearly it’s because we’re supposed to find that operation ridiculous. Fuck you for embracing who you really are, “Mr.” Applebaum!

Anyway, ALF shits another layer onto the offensive sundae by telling Kate it’s too late for flowers. “Send aftershave instead.”

I wonder why ALF never caught on with the trans community.

What a bizarrely hateful show.

Anyway, now that ALF has spewed some toxic abuse at disenfranchised people who’ve never done any harm to him, Kate believes he is finally qualified to babysit her kid.

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

15 minutes later (that’s not my joke…that’s a caption indicating how quickly ALF abandoned the baby) our naked alien hero is watching Charles in Charge.

He makes a decently funny quip: “That Scott Baio is the next Tony Danza!” I don’t care if you hate it. Aside from Missy Francis’ crazy eyes it’s my favorite thing in the episode.

ALF hears Eric crying from across the house and bitches because he has to go take care of the kid, which is weird since he was angling to babysit it in the first place. Ugh, who fucking cares. Just accidentally kill the baby and be done with it, ALF.

Anyway, ALF goes to check on him and we find out that Eric shat everywhere. See? All possible baby plots are covered! No need to ever mention this kid again.

Then we cut to ALF’s gross alien hands pawing at the baby’s legs and thighs.

This is fucking horrible. And the baby is screaming the entire time. How can this not qualify as child abuse? The kid doesn’t know he’s in a TV show with a comedy puppet. He just knows he’s scared and crying for help because some giant monster won’t stop grabbing at his diaper, and none of the adults are coming to his aid.

What a horribly traumatic thing. This is the kind of thing babies probably have nightmares about, only this kid isn’t sleeping. He’s living through it, take after take, under the hot studio lights and nobody’s helping him. Jesus Christ.

Then ALF spreads the baby’s legs.


That sure happens.

We see the baby’s bare ass while ALF dusts it with talcum powder. No, I’m not screenshotting that, but you know how embarrassed you are when your mom digs out those old baby pictures of you sitting naked in the sink? Now imagine that those baby pictures were actually videos. And that those videos were available worldwide on DVD. And that that DVD was ALF: The Complete Fourth Season.

It’s impossible to get much more embarrassing than that.

Then ALF also talcs up his own junk and I’m not screenshotting that, either.

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

So ALF pulls the diaper off the kid and puts on a new one. I guess we should be relieved that ALF’s graduated from trying to cram diapers up a doll’s anus to putting one on properly, but part of me is still kind of sickened by the fact that ALF is covered in fur and probably has all manner of germs all over him. It’s just…weird.

Like, if you lived with a bear, and you trained it to change your kid’s diaper, that would be impressive in several ways. But even if it could do it…would you want it to?

It’s an animal. Even if you could be 1,000% sure it would never hurt the kid (accidentally or deliberately), would you actually let the thing do it? It just seems like there’s far too much of a chance for the kid to get sick from that, or have a reaction to it. I don’t know. I have no kids and very rarely train animals to change them, so what do I know.

And don’t ask me why I’m starting hypotheticals with “If you lived with a bear…” Let’s just blame John Irving and move along.

Then ALF walks all around the house with Eric’s full diaper. Put it in the fucking diaper pail, ALF! This is gross.

Even worse is we can see that there is actual, visible shit on it. Look at the screenshot!

Fucking hell, props department. I know I often give you credit when you’re attentive to detail, but this is emphatically not the time to go above and beyond.

This is genuinely disgusting. No human being needs to see that in a sitcom. We can suspend disbelief when we see a TV character reacting with revulsion to a diaper that looks relatively clean. We can imagine what he’s actually seeing easy enough. We don’t need to see feces all over it.

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

Then Lynn and Brian come in and…Brian is dressed for Little League, or Tee Ball or something.

Well, looks like the kid got a life at some point. It was off camera, of course, but good for him. That explains (accidentally or deliberately) the mitt Kate yelled at him about in the last episode. I’m glad they gave the kid a hobby…and I kind of like the fact that he’s not good at it.

That’s not my interpretation…it’s a fact the show highlights. He complains that they never put him in the game, and when Lynn tosses him his mitt he fails to catch it. This isn’t great stuff, guys, but I appreciate the impulse. After three full seasons, this is the first time they’ve shown us that Brian either is or is not good at something. Usually he’s just there, looking miserable. It’s nice to know, at last, where he stands in relation to something other than scratching his armpit.

Then Lynn goes into the nursery to grab Eric, because Kate told her to. Brian gets pissed off and stomps on his mitt for a while. Uh, okay.

She tells Brian to tell ALF that Kate told her to take Eric. Man, talk about a clunky plot point. You can’t leave a note or tell ALF yourself?

Anyway, Benji Gregory only gets paid for one line a week, so he obviously can’t fulfill his part of the deal. They leave while ALF is away, presumably wrestling with a visibly shitty diaper.

When he goes back into the nursery he finds the baby missing and says, “So much for keeping my powder dry,” because he peed all over himself.

Now that’s an act break!

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

After the commercial Willie comes home, and ALF almost immediately rats himself out that Eric is missing. I kind of like this, because I thought the rest of the episode would just be ALF, running around in a panic thinking Eric is gone. Instead dumbass Willie gets roped into this crap, too, and that’s at least a smarter idea, if not necessarily funnier.

But this doesn’t mean they do much that they couldn’t have done with ALF alone. In fact, it all seems to be an excuse to get ALF to stand in the chimney, because the episode sure spends a lot of time showing us that.

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

There’s some not-bad acting from Max Wright (how many more times do you expect I’ll say that before the series ends?) as he realizes ALF didn’t misunderstand something; Eric really is gone. His panic is believable. It even manages to be (a certain degree of) subtle. It’s good, and, again, believable.

It gets less believable, though, when he starts running through the halls calling, “Eric! Eric! It’s dad!” It’s a fucking infant, Willie; it doesn’t know what you’re saying. You might as well be calling out to your missing car keys.

So, okay, I like some of this, but I don’t know why Willie isn’t stabbing ALF to death with a broken bottle at this point. Kill this fucking space beast! He’s spent three years ruining your life, your finances, your family, your future, your happiness, your dreams, your ambitions, and everything you’ve ever held dear. Now he lost your fucking baby and has no idea where it is. Kill this fucking space beast.

But, no. Can’t yell at ALF, for fuck’s sake, so instead Willie asks him to retrace his steps. Evidently ALF buried the shitty diaper in the back yard, so he and Willie conclude that maybe he buried Eric as well.

Yep, there you go, folks. One episode with the baby and already ALF is accidentally burying it alive.

They search the yard and can’t find it, though, which means either Eric was not buried alive, or they’re digging in the wrong place and later in the season somebody will trip over a very small skeleton.

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

Later Willie calls an operator and asks for 911, and there’s some joyless back and forth about the fact that he could have called 911 directly. It’d be hilarious if he weren’t calling about his dead baby.

It’s extraordinarily odd humor. Yes, we in the audience know Eric’s not dead or in danger. Fine. But Willie is convinced his son is dead or in danger, so why is he engaging in a sub-par “Who’s on First” with Lily Tomlin? What the hell is going on in his mind that he copes with the loss of a family member through half-assed comedy routines with disembodied voices?

Then ALF comes in, afraid that he’ll get in trouble, and Willie reaches down and comforts him, which brings the absurdity of this scene to toxic levels. In fact, it’s the single most bizarre fucking thing that’s ever happened on this show. This is where SPEWEY needs to be beaten to death with a rake, but Willie gives it a fucking shoulder rub.

You know how angry I get when ALF does something shitty and the family apologizes to him for it? Well, that’s what happening here. Except the shitty thing he did is murder their infant son.

Then Kate comes home and ALF does a spot-on impression of me watching this episode:

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

Willie tells Kate that he has something serious he needs to tell her. It’s not great acting but since Max Wright is dealing with the problem and not re-enacting the dead parrot sketch with a passing milkman it’s a big step up from a moment ago.

Hearing this — and knowing Eric is okay — Kate worries that something’s happened to her mother. ALF says, “We should be so lucky!” because if there’s one thing you should do after murdering someone’s youngest relative, it’s wish tragedy upon their oldest.

ALF is a fucking asshole, guys.

Speaking of Kate Sr., I noticed in an earlier shot that there was a photo of her on the mantel. (Doesn’t it piss you off when I talk about things and don’t provide photographic reference?) I don’t know how long that’s been there; it could well be new for this season. Granted, I don’t know why it would be new for this season, but it’s nice that somebody, at some point, realized that human beings sometimes display photos of fellow humans in their homes.

Also, Kate Sr. was MIA throughout last season, so I admit it’s kind of nice to see that she still exists within the universe of the show.

Whatever. The episode’s out of time so Lynn comes in with Eric. Willie runs to greet him and, man, can’t you just see the fatherly love in his eyes?

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

Kate eats up the last few precious minutes of the episode by repeating for us everything we already knew: Kate called Lynn and told her to pick up Eric and bring him to Brian’s game and Brian was supposed to tell ALF but he didn’t so ALF and Willie dug dead babies out of the yard instead. I guess it’s nice if you just managed to catch the end of the episode. That way you’re told on no uncertain terms that you didn’t miss anything worth watching.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, which ALF proves by telling Kate that he mopped up the piss that he sprayed all over the baby’s room.

Kate apologizes to him and even asks for another chance, because fucking fuck this fuckass dipshit fuckshow fuck.

Watching this makes me feel like I’m drunk. What is actually going through any of these people’s minds? Why are they constantly apologizing to ALF?

Yeah, Lynn took the baby, but ALF was supposed to be watching it and instead left it alone while he engaged in diaper-burying shenanigans. Eric’s not dead, but ALF proved — proved! — that he left the kid long enough for something to happen to him. Why is Kate the one learning a lesson from this? And why is that lesson “I should be nicer to ALF”?

Jesus fuckbag.

ALF, "Baby, Come Back"

In the short scene before the credits Eric is trapped in a confined space with the shit-covered monster who touched him inappropriately, made him cry, and pissed all over his bedding.

Countdown to Jim J. Bullock existing: 6 episodes
Countdown to ALF being flayed alive in front of the Tanners: 23 episodes

MELMAC FACTS: ALF claims that all Melmacians have an instinctive rapport with kids, and are able to suck milk through their noses. ALF had two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. Anyone know offhand if that’s consistent with the animated series? I’m proud to say that I don’t know, and I never will.

26 thoughts on “ALF Reviews: “Baby, Come Back” (season 4, episode 1)”

  1. I’m pretty sure ALF says “they’re on vacation” after Kate brings up Mrs. Ochmonenk. still not a good episode.

    1. He may have. I obviously didn’t catch it if he did, but that wouldn’t be the first time I missed something. Thanks!

  2. Lol Willie’s face in the first screen cap … I may print it out and make it into a mask for Halloween. ALF says he looks like Roseanne Barr. Ha!
    In the syndicated prints of this episode, the post credits scene immediately opens with a V/O of Alf asking Kate what’s for dinner and she’s standing at the door (just after closing it when Missy leaves) for no apparent reason. thank god for the uncut prints! Most of the episodes on the Region 2 season 4 dvd are pretty good quality but a few are not, like Its My Party and When I’m Sixty Four. Season 3 had the most good quality prints. back to this episode–I never knew why the hell Brian was stomping on his mitt. ALF also makes a reference to A Cry In the Dark where Lindy Chamberlain says “a dingo ate my baby!” I love Kate’s haircut here. season 4 on we go!

  3. I vaguely remember this episode, specifically Willie’s reaction to ALF possibly burying the baby, so I guess that was a decent bit of acting on Max Wright’s part.

  4. “Kill this fucking space beast! He’s spent three years ruining your life, your finances, your family, your future, your happiness, your dreams, your ambitions, and everything you’ve ever held dear. Now he lost your fucking baby and has no idea where it is. Kill this fucking space beast.”

    When you put it like that, ALF starts to sound like an ’80s version of “Review”, except the entire series is a review of “What’s it like to live with a space alien?”. Living with a space alien: half a star.

  5. My inner commentary while reading this:
    “They need a sitter?
    “God, they’re going to dump the baby on Lynn and walk away…
    “Wait, they’re not? They’re thinking of everybody BUT Lynn? Awesome!
    “They left ALF in charge? Meh, I guess they had to, so Fusco could take all the “good” lines…
    “Seriously, though: at least they didn’t dump him on….
    “Eat a bag of dicks, show.”

    1. You knew it was gonna happen, and they gave you that tiny sliver of hope, just to make it all the sweeter when they pulled it away. At least she didn’t have any food flung at her this week.

      1. I’m just grateful that Phil didn’t suggest that they dump the baby with her. My “people who need to be punched” list is a bit long this week.

  6. FWIW, babies can lose their hair pretty early on.
    I remember watching Munsters Today pretty devotedly when it was on, but now I look back at it and wonder “…the hell?”.

  7. I looked closely at the diaper as ALF is carrying it outside and I didn’t see anything on there!

    1. I can see something on the diaper in the screen shot, but I doubt that it was real feces.

    1. Indeed, ALF had a brother and sister (Curtis and Augie Shumway). Pride precedes destruction, Phil; you cannot avoid knowing everything there is to know about ALF. Melmac Facts will replace your most cherished memories one by one.

  8. Here we go again, with you hating on an episode, that I remember being mostly good. Oh well…

    1. It is a good episode. Philip is exaggerating for comedic effect. The episode has a plot and a resolution. And the reason that Kate is apologising to ALF, Philip, is because ALF thought he’d lost the baby, when he was actually doing a decent job of babysitting. They took the baby without telling him. It’s all right there in the episode.

  9. +10 for referencing Lily Tomlin’s beloved Operator character.

    +10 for referencing the classic Dead Parrot sketch.

    +100 for referencing beating SPEWEY to death with a rake.

    And that wacky Willie screenshot? Only one episode in, and we’ve already found the winner of this year’s ALFie Award for “Best Picture of Willie That Makes it Look Like the Crack Hobo Sucking Him Off Just Bit Down”.

  10. first, i want to say that screenshot of willie’s face is priceless. XD
    while i thought this episode was okay over all, there are some things that bothered me too. firstly, like you said, why do they bother with a babysitter in the first place? the tanners should of learned their lesson by well now that letting a stranger into the house with ALF around is never a good idea. and secondly, how does kate still have her realtor job? i don’t know how the job system worked in the 80s, but as far i knew it was terrible when it came to pregnant women, women did not get parental leave and if you didn’t show up for work 5 days after you given birth, you were automatically fired. yeah, a realtor job is different from a regular job, but still the same applies. and thirdly, why do they trust ALF to be alone with the baby? okay sure, it was kind of last minute choice, but really, when did ALF prove he can be trusted with anything by himself? the tanners should of learned that lesson by now too.
    and yeah, i do find it bizarre willie is not more angry with ALF after he told him he lost the baby, of course he does panic which is a proper response, but he should also be simmering with anger towards ALF for not watching the baby at all times, not comfort him. I do like the part at the end where ALF says he has just as much feelings as a person does and they the tanners should respect that, but still it’s odd that they apologize to him for something he should not have done. but then again it’s kind of lynn and brian’s fault for not leaving a note or something in the first place.
    and just some facts here, it has been said that a different baby was used for this episode and not kete’s actual baby hence why the baby looks different. and yes, ALF mentioning he has a brother and sister is consistent with the cartoon series has i have watched that too. it’s interesting he mentions that as both the sitcom and the cartoon show were running at the same time at this point.

    1. I agree. Having a baby-sitter in the same house as Alf can’t be a good idea, and I don’t understand either how Kate kept her job. But other than that, I remember it as a good enough episode. And I loved an exchange between Alf and Willy, that went something like this:

      Willy: What did you do this time, and how much will it cost me?
      Alf: In the long run, it will save you money.

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    from the well-known retail vendors like Νorma Hellas, Orgɑnon, Scheering, and United kingdom Dragon.

      1. I’m imaging that being said by a narrator as a cliffhanger ending to an episode.

        “Will taking steroids help ALF and Willie find the baby? WIll Lynn be able to decide which guy will take her to the movies this week? Will Brian get another plot related line ever again? Has Kate finally come to her senses and moved interstate without telling anyone? We’ll find out next time, on Alf!”

  12. Wasn’t Kate Sr. in the season 3 episode where she and Mrs. O threw Kate a “surprise” baby shower? That was probably the only episode she was in.

  13. I don’t know where to start. You can’t hold this show up to modern standards, it was 1989! And even so, that joke isn’t trans-phobic, if anything it’s sexist. As a man, a man would no doubt want aftershave – it would be a good gift

    The baby doesn’t know who other human beings are, or ALF, it’s a baby! It cares about getting fed and sleeping. Babies cry, a lot! So it doesn’t necessarily mean it was crying because of ALF. As for the germs, people collect Steiff teddy bears from 1920! I know it’s a baby but people weren’t so germ obsessed in the 1980’s.

    I know you over exaggerate for comedic effect but you make the show sound perverted and perfectly innocent (often cute) scenes (like the one at the end) sound gross.

    “It gets less believable, though, when he starts running through the halls calling, “Eric! Eric! It’s dad!” It’s a fucking infant, Willie; it doesn’t know what you’re saying. You might as well be calling out to your missing car keys.”

    I did LOL at this!

  14. Its funny how almost every episode is named after a song title. In Friends every episode title began with “the one”followed by with, where or about et al. Willies funny face here is off putting, maybe a little creepy. Also, is it just me or did Lynn and Brian seem not that interested in their new baby brother?

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