Announcing: The Official Xmas Bash!!!! Playlist

…because why not?

I’ve made a playlist of every isolated musical moment we’ve ever featured in the Noiseless Chatter Xmas Bash!!!!, and I already know you’re crazy enough to enjoy it so stop fronting and go rock out to the Gummibar Xmas Mega Mix.

Longtime Bashers will remember that the first year didn’t feature any musical interludes, so this playlist collects all of the songs from Bashes 2-4. It’s a great opportunity to remind yourself that, yes, some lady actually did take the time to make a video for that song she wrote about her chicken dinner.

Personally, the musical moments are my favorite bits of these streams. Well, they are until you all start being funnier than me in the chatroom. But there’s something about Christmas music when it’s neither unlistenable nor any good that just melts my heart.

This is a small way to revisit some great moments from past streams, and I hope you enjoy doing so. I also hope that you play this at your work’s Christmas party, and get fired.

Just a heads up: this doesn’t include songs from the specials that we watch. It’s only the songs we enjoyed between specials. So, no you won’t hear The Monkees summoning a demon, or see the fiery dance moves of that stuck-up little brat from Rappsittie Street Kids. On the bright side, though, Adam Lore’s excellent originals are included. And those are brilliant.

Anyway, enjoy. Put it on shuffle for maximum chaos. And I’ll see you all next year.

Embedded, for her pleasure:

The 4th Annual Noiseless Chatter Xmas Bash!!!! is over!

…and that’s all for another year!

Thanks so much for tuning in!

I was hoping to hit $1,000 tonight, but we hit $1,190! I love you guys!

It’s not too late to donate. If you waited until the stream was over so you wouldn’t miss one moment of yuletide oddity (WHO CAN BLAME YOU) here is the donation link:

Many, many thanks to everyone who participated, watched, chatted, donated, assisted…well, many thanks to everyone in general.

This was a great year, and it was probably my favorite mix of specials yet. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your personal highlights in the comments.

For those who missed it, I’m sorry! Here’s what you could have winced through:

  • Family Matters – “Christmas is Where the Heart Is”
  • The Flying Nun – “Wailing in a Winter Wonderland”
  • The Monkees – “The Monkees’ Christmas Show”
  • Amos & Andy – “The Christmas Story”
  • Welcome Back, Kotter – “Hark, the Sweatkings”
  • The Super Mario Bros. Super Show – “Koopa Klaus”
  • Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa

My Advent feature is still going, and I’ll probably have at least one more fun post before Christmas, but just in case:

Have a truly great holiday. Whoever you are, whatever you celebrate. Enjoy it. And know that I appreciate you deeply.

Thank you.

GO NOW: The 4th Annual Noiseless Chatter Xmas Bash!!!!

The chat is open! The live stream itself begins at 5 pm Mountain / 7 pm Eastern time, if you get there early, but this gives you time to register an account, settle in, and reflect on your life choices before I bombard you with seven terrible Xmas specials that we’re all watching for a good cause.

Which specials? Wouldn’t you like to know! WATCH AND SEE

Join us!

Speaking of the good cause, it’s The Trevor Project. You can donate right here:

As always, technical difficulties may occur. If they do, I will post an update on this page. Be sure to come back here if the stream goes dead. Please be patient if that happens…I promise a backup is coming!

Reminder: 4th Annual Xmas Bash!!!! is TOMORROW!

This is your final reminder! The 4th Annual Noiseless Chatter Xmas Bash!!!! is tomorrow!

All you need to do is come to this very site at 5 p.m. Mountain / 7 p.m. Eastern. (If you mark yourself as attending this Facebook event, it will do the time zone calculation for you.)

Come a little early to join the chatroom, but don’t be late! We will start promptly. Probably.

It’s a live stream of seven rightly forgotten Xmas specials, loads of holiday music you won’t hear anywhere else, vintage commercials, magic, AMANDA, and lots more. The stream is FIVE FULL HOURS long, and it’s full of things you will never see again. In any other context. For good reason.

We’ll be riffing all of it live in the chatroom. It’s the ultimate Xmas party for introverts, so get together with great people, grab some beer and pizza, and prepare to laugh harder than you have all year. (Which, this year, isn’t especially difficult.)

It’s free to attend, but we will be soliciting donations to The Trevor Project. That’s optional, and all donations are appreciated.

Tomorrow night.
5 p.m. Mountain / 7 p.m. Eastern.
The Xmas Bash!!!! comes once a year.

Don’t miss it.

For Purchase: Xmas Bash!!!! Commemorative Art Prints, for Charity!

The 2016 Xmas Bash Commemorative Art Print!That’s right…you can buy prints of the Fourth Annual Noiseless Chatter Xmas Bash!!!! official artwork right here, right now. And you should!

Anyway, the actual post:

There’s less than one month until the Fourth Annual Noiseless Chatter Xmas Bash!!!!

Are you excited? I am. Because I know what I’ll be making you sit through, and you don’t!

Every year we solicit donations for The Trevor Project. No money goes through me, everything is directly sent to them. There’s no charge to attend, and folks either choose to donate (and how much) or choose not to. It’s that simple.

However, we have a bit of an exception this year, as you can now donate and receive something in return.

Artist, writer, and Mypos historian Casey Roberson is offering prints of this year’s official Xmas Bash!!!! artwork for sale. All proceeds from all sales are donated to The Trevor Project. So you can give and have something pretty awesome hanging on your wall.

You can buy your gorgeous Xmas Bash!!!! print here. You have quite a few options in terms of size, decision to frame, and so on, so pick the one you like.

There’s still time to receive it before Christmas, which is good, because not only is it a great reminder of the awesome work you do just by tuning in and being part of the fun, it’s a great gift for nieces, nephews, and a boss you’d like to confuse.

So, yes, check it out!

Speaking of the Bash!!!!, remember to block off the following date and time, so that nobody tries to invite you to anything! (You can register on Facebook, if you like, which will handle time zone calculations and reminders for you.)

Saturday, December 17
7:00 p.m. Eastern

As always, you can expect…

  • Seven terrible Xmas specials
  • A mess of rightly forgotten Xmas songs
  • Vintage commercials
  • Magic by illusionist Wes Iseli
  • A brand new song by Adam Lore
  • Surprise guests
  • Live chat
  • …and lots more

It’s free to attend; all you have to do is come to at 7 p.m. on December 17. The stream itself is family friendly, so you can view it in your living room without horrifying grandma. Don’t let her see the chat room, though. That’s where the horrifying is guaranteed.

So, yes, if you choose to donate on the night, do so! If you’d prefer to give a bit more up front and get a sweet art print as well…that could be even better.

I’m not handling the print sales; Casey is taking care of that himself. But he did say that the way they are priced means that $10 for each sale goes to The Trevor Project. The rest goes to Society6, which is the company handling production and fulfillment. I’ve bought things from them before and been very happy, so I can personally vouch for their quality and service.

Also, since Society6 is handling things I bet you can get the prints in other forms such as OH GOD WHY WHY DID I LOOK
The 2016 Xmas Bash Commerative Leggings

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